Leadership may consist of one individual or a small group of core leaders. NOTE: Not all of these features need to be present simultaneously for a mind control regime to be operative. NOTE: Not all of these harmful effects will be experienced by everyone who has a destructive cult experience. Submitted via email by a former distributor. Hello Mr. Schwartz, Reading your pages has made me decide to also submit insight from my little experience with Amway.

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MLM, Amway would be it. No doubt about it, this infamous network marketing company is the Original Gangster and undisputed heavyweight champion of all MLMs. In terms of yearly revenue, no other multi-level marketing company even comes close. Possibly even in random storm drains, like Pennywise from the movie It: So what gives?

What is it about Amway that has drawn untold millions of regular folks into its vortex for an astonishing 60 years now? Headquartered in Ada, Michigan, Amway is an MLM company who sells health, wellness, beauty, nutrition, and home care products to the masses. The only exception being Antarctica. As of this writing, Forbes Magazine ranks Amway as the 44th largest privately held company in the United States by revenue.

Picture this: Stretching a full mile from east to west, it boasts 80 total buildings with some 3. The company has initiated many other commercial sponsorships in the past, including being the former jersey sponsor of the San Jose Earthquakes — a Major League Soccer team.

Simply put, Amway is a beast. To put things in perspective, that was the same year that: Mattel came out with the first Barbie doll. Alaska became the 49th State of the Union. But a decade before that, Rich and Jay started out by marketing a line of nutritional products from a company known as Nutrilite. They also loved how the company offered commissions on product sales from newly recruited distributors they introduced to the business — a system called multi-level marketing or network marketing.

After building up a team of more than five thousand distributors, Rich and Jay decided to leave Nutrilite with their top recruiters and go it alone. Then it happened: The two entrepreneurs launched a new company known as The American Way later shortened to Amway so they could expand the product line to include regular household items.

They later changed the name of the product to L. Fast-forward to today: This direct sales behemoth has added all kinds of new products to their repertoire, including several product divisions doing billions in annual sales by themselves. Why would Amway do such a thing? This saved them from having to manually fill out order slips and submit them to their upline. Good idea, right? Unfortunately, the Quixtar brand failed to gain popularity with the general public and after 7 years and a class action lawsuit it was scrapped.

Starting in , the Quixtar name was quietly phased out and now all Amway business owners worldwide are under the Alticor, Inc. But they do have the highest revenue. I know several people who have used their Nutrilite dietary supplements and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Apparently they even use special Egyptian earthworms just to fertilize the soil for their organic plants. Now THAT is hardcore lol. Their household cleaning products are every bit as high-quality, with L. Put it this way: Amway was doing organic before organic was cool. I actually know someone who has owned and used the eSpring: Which utilizes UV light along with a carbon block filter to purify tap water. Not sure about the science but… Apparently the water tastes pretty damn good lol.

The only strike that I would count against Amway when it comes to their products, is their typical MLM-inflated prices. That said: From my own research and folks that I know personally, I can honestly say that Amway seems to walk the talk in terms of high product quality. Since many of the positive Amway reviews often come from their own distributors — who are not exactly unbiased lol.

Amway has plenty of training programs and resources to help you get to the next level of your MLM small business. No raggedy, copy-of-a-copy, black-and-white brochures here. More about that later. With allegations that include price fixing and making exaggerated income claims, to paying millions of dollars to former distributors for misleading business practices.

Even though — as we all know — recruiting is the cornerstone of all MLMs and is obviously highly encouraged. In return, distributors earn PV point value and BV business volume which determine their monthly compensation percentage. But like most MLMs, Amway products are expensive. This can make it hard for distributors to purchase enough volume to reach their minimums.

Not to mention the not-so-easy challenge of convincing someone to make a full switch from cheaper, store-bought brands. This had led to the company cranking out some of the most annoying and aggressive distributors in the MLM universe.

All selling the dream of financial freedom by running your own business, perhaps for the first time. Nothing wrong with free enterprise or drinking your own Kool-Aid. Metric tons. But like most other MLMs, unfortunately they represent a pathetically small percentage of the total number of distributors enrolled in the company. But according to Amway. You read that right. Why so low? Starting face down in the mud. With an army of renegade mercenaries strafing the hill with machine gun fire.

In other words, it might be a little tough to make this thing work. Especially if you treat it like a casual part-time job. Spoiler alert: This will cost you more money out of pocket. As mentioned earlier: The more you sell, the more Point Value and Business Volume numbers you earn, and the more commission you make.

Long story short, this means you gotta buy a ton of Amway stuff to get a relatively meager commission. Simply because you can benefit from their BV as well, since their volume becomes part of your group volume GV , boosting your PV bracket, and therefore your commission percentage.

Clear as mud? Translation: If your downline makes more money, YOU make more money. That means persuading your friends, family members, total strangers, and possibly a few household pets that your business opportunity is worth a look. Or perhaps one-on-one sit-downs at a local Starbucks where you sketch out the compensation plan using neat little circles on a piece of paper. Or maybe a home meeting, where someone with a whiteboard draws out the plan Pictionary-style. While all of this is going on, your upline is steadily encouraging you to invest in a small library of motivational material aka the aforementioned Business Support Materials BSMs.

Supposedly, to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to succeed in the business. This is one of the biggest points of contention between Amway critics and supporters.

And who is all this extra Business Support Material cash going to? The top-level distributors who are selling it to you, of course. As an AMO, the group can operate under the Amway flag but is allowed to sell their own products that instruct new recruits how to succeed as an Amway professional.

Easier said than done. But if you can do that enough times for enough years, you just might end up with a massive network of IBOs, as well as some impressive monthly residual checks. Amway: Quick Summary PROS CONS Amway is a legit business as the most successful network marketing company on the planet, with billions of dollars in yearly sales and a track record spanning six decades.

Like all MLMs, there is a strong emphasis placed on sponsoring other people into the business so you can make commissions from their sales as well. As the most well-established network marketing company, Amway offers top-notch training materials for their IBOs.

The top-level distributors in Amway can earn some of the highest commissions in the MLM industry, with yearly incomes in the high six and seven-figure ranges. Meaning I admire them from a pure business standpoint. Not to mention their product quality is better than most. The catch is that you will need to build and maintain an absolutely MASSIVE organization to get anywhere near the six-figure income level or above.

But maybe you should try switching it up. One where you can still be your own boss and rake in a lotta dead presidents. Or take the red pill and giddy-up on over to this link. Good luck. Put down the Hatorade and watch my mentor quickly explain a more realistic way to make passive income from home 6-min video : Reader Interactions.


Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise



Amway, the cult of free enterprise



Amway, the Cult of Free Enterprise


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