All of our fire pumps are designed and manufactured in the USA. Patterson, USA. Pumps suitable for raising and moving liquids in mines, industries, irrigation, buildings, heating and air-conditioning installations, municipal areas, fire prevention equipment, etc. Industrial applications for pumping clean and non-aggressive water.

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The Netherlands and Belgium are countries that have had to deal with water level control, land reclamation, canal stabilization, flood prevention, especially due to the large number of low-lying areas threatened by flooding in the North Sea. In such countries, priority is given to ensuring that pumping and dewatering systems are economical and reliable. The pumps were designed for wellpoint dewatering, have very high efficiency and effectiveness during that process. Very high vacuum that can be obtained up to Pulsatile nature of work, prevents clogging of wellpoint filters in silty soils.

Pump design allows to work dry for extended periods of time but there is strongly recommended to fill initially the pump with water. In most cases, the routing service is possible on the work site, without transport to workshop. It makes, that piston pumps work very well even with very long discharge line. Designed for maximum durability and minimal maintenance Geho ZD pumps are designed for continuous, long-term operation, minimizing the need for any supervision.

Experienced users contractors and rental companies prove that the design of the piston pumps Gecho ZD is characterized by a very long service life. When replacing typical wear parts cylinders, piston bowls, rubber valves, springs , Geho ZD pump units can be effective even after more than years of use.

Geho ZD models run at constant speed of diesel engine, just over half their maximum speed, which also makes them usable for up to a few tens of thousands of hours without any overhaul. Installed engines feature an enlarged oil sump, which allows for longer service intervals. The advantage of the Geho ZD pumps is its great ease of use and, in most cases, the basic service possible at the workplace eg replacement of leather cups , without need of transport to the workshop.


Geho PD Slurry Pumps

Zulkigore With a strategic plan to produce more than 1 million tonnes per annum of copper within five years, the Company is poised to become the largest, widely-held pure-play copper producer and one of the top five copper producers in the world. Egtenrayseweg 9 PH Venlo, the Netherlands. What is Water Week? Geho PD Slurry Pumps. Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment. This range of pumps is suited for pumping abrasive and corrosive slurries against high pressures at a low cost of ownership.


Advanced Pump Engineering for Severe Applications

Apr 28, Pfeiffer Vacuum to introduce new turbopumps and diaphragm pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum, a global supplier of vacuum technology, will introduce new turbopumps and new diaphragm pumps at the Analytica show in Munich on May. The new products to be introduced include the HiPace 30 and HiPace H turbopump models and diaphragm pumps to act as their backups. Due to the small footprint and low vibration level, the pump is particularly suited for integrating in compact analysis systems, such as portable mass spectrometers, small electron microscopes, and leak detectors. At 2kg total weight, the HiPace 30 is also a good fit for portable applications, and its sophisticated rotor design provides high gas throughput and good compression of light gases.







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