A pesar de este suceso, es aceptado en la Universidad de Antioquia en donde continua su carrera pero debido a los constantes paros y suspensiones de semestre, decide abandonar la carrera e ir a vivir con su novia a Italia. Fue director de la Revista Universidad de Antioquia de a Fischer Gastprofessur. Tesis de pregrado, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Reeditada por Alfaguara en Fragmentos de amor furtivo

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This is a sad tale, a story about the love a child for his father, and that father is murdered for his political views. Medellin, Colombia in the s had degenerated into a very violent place. The state backed militias were trying to eradicate the "lleftist communists" with such a fury that they even Every once and awhile you get to read a biography that was written with such empathy, resonance and beauty, that after finishing the book, you close the cover and say "wow, that was a delight".

The state backed militias were trying to eradicate the "lleftist communists" with such a fury that they even read their names on the radio before they were murdered. This included Dr. Abad Gomez. Sadly he was challenged and forced to leave the country to work for other aide agencies for his beliefs. But he returns to find work at the university even though its a rocky road. Upon his forced retirement from the university he started a human rights group advocating for peace.

Every day people went missing and this brought him closer to death. But the memory drew him back to write this haunting tale that had me turning pages. When his sister and father died, I was choked up. But it was his reflections on fate, life and love that really makes this book. Quoting Antonio Machado, that in the final hours of war, "the men of peace are remembered, never the people who wanted the war". Even in our troubled times, this book becomes a call for peace.

Read in Spanish. This is an extremely difficult book for me to review. Hector Abad Gomez, who was assassinated by Colombian paramilitaries in response to his leftist, humanist writings. The writing is incredible, making the horror of those years of violence and death squads immediate and wrenching. The author idolized his father and I found the first two thirds of the book tiresome because of the constant drumbeat of how perfect his father was.

A more balanced picture of his father would have been more appealing -- Dr. Gomez was a courageous principled man, and the idealized portrait was unnecessary. The author is a pessimist given to depression, and that overwhelming constant despair was at times hard to take. Speaking of his childhood in a privileged wealthy loving home , he writes of the house "that God had chosen to smite, just like any other house, like all the houses on this Earth, with his fury, with heavy doses of misery, absurd deaths, incurable pains and diseases.

But in spite of the excess hagiography, in spite of the almost unrelenting despair, I found the book beautiful, especially the last few chapters. As he writes, "It is possible that all this will be for nought; no word can bring him back to life--the story of his life and his death will not give new breath to his bones, will not bring back his laughter, or his immense courage, or his persuasive and vigorous words--but in any case I need to tell it.

His murderers remain at large; every day they grow in strength, and I cannot fight them with my fists. It is only with my fingers, pressing one key after another, that I can tell the truth and bear witness to the injustice.

I use his own weapon: words. What for? For nothing; or for the most simple and essential reason: so it will be known. To extend his memory a little longer, before the inevitable oblivion.


El olvido que seremos

Su forma de escribir es bastante encarretadora. Hay situaciones en tu vida que te hacen llorar, pero, para que un libro te haga llorar es algo muy particular y especial. Mis gratos saludos. Capaces de extender sus manos para ofrecer seguridad y tranquilidad en el cansancio cotidiano. Hombres cuyo don de la palabra les permite expresar con humildad el valor de lo femenino en sus vidas afectivas y laborales. Gracias muchas gracias por existir.. En un Centro Cultural famoso en Tokio Asahi Culture Center me pidieron este verano un mini-curso de literatura…para un grupo de aficionados a la literatura hispanoamericana..


Héctor Abad Faciolince


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