Maujind Commercial Timesharing M software is available on several commercial timesharing services. The devices are listed in decreasing order of V CE0 and l c continuous. Devices from the MC Series have loading factors normalized for compatibility with the low-power mW MRTL devices for ease in mixing the two power levels in a system. Developed to suppress transients in the automotive system, this device operates in the forward mode as a standard rectifier or reverse mode as a power zener diode and will protect expensive mobile transceivers, radios and tape decks from over-voltage conditions. Rectifier Bridges and Circuits Low-to-Medium Current A variety of packaging methods yields current ratings up to 30 A and reverse-voltage ratings to V. CD G suffix denotes Metal Can.

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Jular In the largest selection of packages, at the lowest cost. Designed for use in regulated power supplies as a combination voltage reference element and error voltage amplifier, providing temperature compensation for excellent reference voltage stability.

These guides permit a quick comparison of the preferred devices, and a pre-selection of semiconductors that are datasheeh suitable. Normally available with cathode connected to case. Family Members io ;: Applications include card and tape readers, pattern and character recognition, shaft encoders, position sensors, counters, and others.

These temperature compensated Zener Reference Diodes have low dynamic impedance and siliconoxidepassivated junctions datasjeet long term stability. Specifications in the following table are given for an input of 31 volts.

Chain 1 — This eliminates the need for redesign- ing existing equipment to gain radiation-resistance and al- lows the design engineer datasheer utilize a familiar logic type for new systems.

ISO PDF Batch-processed, high-impact plastic provides outstanding mechanical ruggedness while oxide or glass surface passivation pro- tects each die against impurity contamination and moisture penetration for long-term electrical stability. One provides watts 1n operating from a 28 volt supply and the datadheet provides 80 watts from a VolU MM Vc- 3. Comparators A broad line from popular single supply quads to family of quad comparators with Three ; State Outputs.

Cy — Nominal capacitance — Measure of the capacitance at one specified voltage Cr — Capacitance ratio — Ratio of the capacitance at two separate voltages usually at the operating ends of the Dstasheet curve. Limited temperature version MLMA is particularly attractive as general-purpose am- plifier due to low cost. These products are available in a variety of package styles and in chip form.

System requirements IflStl s[t O. To obtain copies of these notes, simply list the AN number or numbers and send your request on your company letterhead to: Therefore it is necessary that each of the elements attached to the MPU bus require minimal load current.

BoxPhoenix, Arizona The speed, approximately 30 kHz, is slower than the transistor type but the transfer ratio can be as much as twenty times as high as the single transistor type. They provide stable electrical characteristics by eliminating the point-contact diode presently used in many applications.

Datasjeet locate the exact page number. Over different devices are offered. Other high voltage and Darlington transistors are also available as specials. If the device datasheeh is not listed — please contact your nearest distributor or Motorola Sales Representative. The output mode is lower, requiring for more 1h output leve probably the lator since it pproximately economy. Hot Carrier Devices For high-frequency power supplies demanding switching times of less than 10 nano-seconds.

Ripple rejection is typically 0. If specific applications are not listed, consult your factory representative for assistance. Higher voltages are available upon request, but a necessary trade-off against switching speeds results. Reduced Circuit Cost and Complexity. AP ara tradamarks of Motorola Inc. Contact your Motorola representative for more information. Standard devices are made with general-purpose datashete, but similar configurations can be made with special rectifier-cells i.

Power Gates All other types 5. Truth tabla and output option specified by user. Information in this catalog is believed to be accurate and reliable. For lead time and availability, contact your nearest Motorola sales representative.

MPF — Low cost. The combination of high-gain and low-noise have made these standards popular for many years. Most Related.



The MTTL Dl IC family utilizes nichrome resistors, post metalization passivation, monometallic inter- connections, and very small high frequency transistor structures to enhance the radiation resistant qualities of this line. These linear integrated circuits are available as single, dual, and quad monolithic devices in a variety of package styles as well as standard and beam-lead chips. Apostmetalization passivation process further enhances the radiationresistance qualities of the family and very small high frequency tran- sistor structures are used throughout. Other high voltage and Darlington transistors are also available as specials. Out- put capabilities range from 15 watts at MHz to 2 watts at 6 GHz. In silicon rectifiers, for example, peak reverse voltage, and average forward current are the basic criteria, and the devices are listed in order of these ratings.


PDF 1N5760 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Mashicage Graphical and numerical methods of solution are clearly described, along with sample problems. The chips used in the Quad and Dual transistors are those that have emerged as the most popular ones for discrete transistor applications. Amplifier vA Mai Comparator V. They provide stable electrical characteristics by eliminating the point-contact diode presently used in many applications. Power Gates All other types 5. MC is the same as the MCbul has a much higher transient response.

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