Charles F. Horne, Ph. He has sometimes been connected with a religious scholar who wrote commentaries on the Avesta during the Sasanian Empire. His book narrates a vision of heaven and hell which Viraf saw in an inspired dream or vision.

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The letter 3 often represents the consonants? Viraf was led back to the Chinvat bridge. Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. As the soul of Yiraf was about to quit the body, it was necessary that the latter should be treated as a dead body, and be kept thirty footsteps away from fire, water and other holy things; see Vend. These remarks apply, of course, specially to the orthography of Iranian words which, with a few exceptions, are all that the Pazand actually transliterates.

Arogyan hridayafi te, he Ardda-Gvira-purushah, asmakam Majdaiasnanan dyut, 89 namostu tubhyam; 90 tvamapi tasmat yat drishtamasti satyataya asmaki briihi.

Then king Gushtasp ordered that they should bring, for Arda VirM, nice food, woll-cooked and savory broth, and cold water, and pleasant wine. Denman tanii maman vaiias kard, muu riiban angiin giran padafras yedruned? I also saw the souls of those wicked 2 who swallowed and voided, and again swallowed and voided. Then during seven nights and days they performed the Yazishn cere- mony on the spot.

Adulterous women have their bodies gnawed by noxious animals 24 ; or have their tongues cut away, and eyes scooped out, being at the same time infested by noxious creatures 81 ; or have an iron coating on the body, the mouth being turned back to a hot oven Denman valmanslian miln ruhdnodn homand? Hig adds a saJchun. Hia snih, Sans, shastram ; Dest. The three dates, found in the codex K2follow one another in the irregular order A.

Then nnameh place was selected for him at a certain distance from water, fire, etc. K20 adds final8, 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And those sisters, with the Dasturs of the religion and the Mazdayasnians, when they saw Viraf, became pleased and joyful; 6 and they arxa thus: Hjs vafar ; see LV. Denman ncshman maman vanas kard? And Viraf washed his head and body, and put on clean clothes, and perfumed himself with sweet scent ; he stood before the fire, and repented of all sins.

Another time they were care- ful, and from the midst of these, they selected forty men, who possessed a recollection of the whole of their Avesta. The entire vision is truly Dantesque; and while we do not know its age, we can say confidently that it is several centuries older than the work of Dante. M in 83, g. I also saw the souls of the faithful, the teachers and inquirers, in the greatest gladness on the splendid throne. I also saw the souls of those who solemnized the whole ritual of the religion, and performed and directed the worship of God, 4 who were seated above the other souls; 5 and their good works stood as high as heaven.

De7i- man rubdn-i valman darvand ncshman mun hJtvctuk-das vindsid. Atda dreadful corporal punishments are employedmany of which are probably only an imitation of those which were actually used in Persia. Denman ruhdndn inun homand? Den- man rnban-i valmausban marddmCm miinsban, pavan stib, yasbarmok-i friftar yebevund homand; G va anshutddn bamai marencbinid, va mill dad-i shaptrth bara val dad-i saritarib yaityund; 7 va kabed kesb va giravishn-i ardrund yin gtdian rtlbak kavd.

Taking three steps, he reached the Chinvat bridge, which separates heaven from hell, and this world from the other world. Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, said 5 thus: Then I saw the soul of a woman whose tongue was cut away, and eyes scooped out; 2 and snakes, scorpions, worms, and other noxious creatures khrafstars ever devoured the brain of her head; 3 and from time to time, she seized her own body with the teeth, and ever gnawed the flesh.

A few words, which are hardly intelligible, are transcribed as they appear to be written. Atar firea primary symbol of Zoroastrianism. Related Posts


Encyclopædia Iranica

Puech, Paris, , pp. The context of this journey holds particular interest. This account is chiefly taken up with a catalogue of the punishments of the damned in hell and of the rewards of the just in heaven. The list of offenses and punishments occupies some sixty percent of the entire work. It is much more developed and explicit than the enumeration of rewards, in particular in the area of sexual sins.


Book of Arda Viraf


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