Armaflex Class 0 Pipe Insulation Armacell Armaflex Pipe Insulation Self Seal Class 0 A Data Sheet and Installation Guide are available for download at the bottom of this Page Class O Armaflex Selfseal pipe insulation is a thermal insulation product fully slit along each length with two strips of double sided self adhesive tape pre-applied to each open slit surface. Armaflex pipe insulation is specially developed to provide insulation where fast, secure installation is required and ideal for applications where working space is severely restricted, Class O Armaflex Selfseal pipe insulation is easily applied by fitting the insulation and peeling back the self adhesive tape. With its exceptional, inbuilt, water vapour barrier Armaflex is particularly effective at preventing moisture ingress and ensuring long term thermal efficiency. The thermal properties of Armaflex will not rapidly deteriorate over time as other insulation materials may and, by keeping moisture as far from the pipe surface as possible, Armaflex reduces the risk of expensive under insulation corrosion.

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Conserves energy and reduces heat loss. Class 0 fire classification according to BS Parts 6 and 7. Certified by leading international fire safety agencies. Key features Excellent fire performance - FM Approved for entire range of insulation thickness. Certified to conform to safety, reliability and performance standards of various local fire safety bodies. Closed-cell structure - Minimises moisture permeation to ensure long-term protection against corrosion under insulation CUI.

Removes the need for an additional water vapour barrier. Energy efficient - Low thermal conductivity minimises energy losses to give long term energy savings. Microban protection - When microbes come into contact with the insulation surface, Microban penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism, disabling its ability to function, grow and reproduce.

Curious about the safety standards of our insulation materials? Read more in our Armacell Know-how guides. BS refers to the British standard for fire tests on building materials and structures. Part 7 specifies the test method for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a test specimen. During the test, the measurements recorded include Read more BS refers to the British standard for fire tests on building materials and structures. It takes into account the combined effect of factors such as Read more The FM approval is an approval requirement for insulation material used on the exterior of non-combustible pipes or ducts.

This standard uses a full-scale test for pipe and sheet insulation. Tests in this standard are different from the BS standard as Read more The NFPA Standard Test Method is a full-scale test that uses large samples to simulate how insulated pipes in a confined vertical configuration may behave during a growing fire situation.

It may be a more realistic assessment as it reflects the actual Read more Product Information.



Armacell Armacell Armacell is the manufacturer of the industry-leading range of Armaflex Insulation Products. Here at Pipelagging. Do you need your domestic plumbing pipes protecting from the cold? Then the lagging class O nitrile foam insulation is the product for you. It is supplied in many different formats including 2 meter long un-slit tubes. Also, they provide a self-seal version that can be installed quickly.


ArmaFlex® for Commercial Equipment Insulation


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