Equity Derivatives After inputting your personal and corporate information, you are asked to select any of these sections. Sell side firms and personnel are classified in these sections according to their coverage and function. Upon selecting the sections relevant to you, you will be transported to those selected sections directly. It is highly recommended that the poll is completed on a PC terminal rather than on mobile devices. We encourage you to take your time with the poll and attempt all relevant questions, however you do not have to complete all questions, you can skip questions and proceed with the poll.

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By Rashmi Kumar CLSA loses weight Analysts have really been put to the test in they have had to factor in bouts of volatility from the US-China trade war, a U-turn by the US Federal Reserve, the threat of a slowdown in global growth and worries about the health of the financial system in China and India, among other things. The poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part.

Its analysts were also in hot demand, with about half of the winning analysts in the poll coming from HSBC. In early , it appointed Hossein Zaimi to be the Hong Kong-based global head of equities, promoting him from his previous job as regional head of trading for global markets, Asia Pacific. Chandler came on board as head of equity sales for Asia Pacific a few months later, in the middle of , moving to HSBC after 17 years at Goldman Sachs. Michael Parry joined from Goldman, also as a director focused on Asian equity sales, in December Both Liu and He focus on the mainland China market.

Hongbin Qu was voted best economist for , Gary Lam best analyst for banks, Michelle Kwok best analyst for real estate and Frank He for technology hardware and equipment analysis. One other analyst has left the bank but was with HSBC at the time the poll was conducted. HSBC was also among the top three in Taiwan, traditionally a foothold of the local houses.

HSBC was second for research and third for sales services. One of the main difficulties was the constant back and forth around trade tariffs between the US and China.

Much of was dominated by headlines around their relationship. A phase-one trade deal was close to being wrapped up in November. But that was thrown into question in early December by US president Donald Trump, who said he was in no rush to sign a tariff truce. Despite the noise, however, international investor interest in Chinese equities did not waver much.

At the end of October , the total cumulative northbound trading turnover on the Stock Connect was Rmb Hong Kong and international investors held Rmb1. If you look at the volumes on the northbound Stock Connect, year-to-date inflow is Rmb billion, which is very strong. Led by general manager and chief executive officer Irene Ho, HSBC Qianhai was the first Chinese securities joint venture to be majority owned by a foreign bank.

The firm has offices in Qianhai, Shanghai and now also Beijing, which allows it to not only provide local insights to offshore clients, but also import its global views to clients in the mainland, Wu adds. As for , HSBC is moderately optimistic on Asian equities, and reckons valuations in the region will remain attractive.

The firm is overweight on Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Philippine equities, but is underweight on Pakistan and Taiwan. It is also increasing its focus on environmental, social and governance standards — a theme that is of rising importance among investors. CLSA may have lost some of its most creative minds, but analysts who are still at the firm are trying to make the best of the situation.

But once the top team was installed, things calmed down, he says, adding that many of the vacant positions have been filled. Whether it will remain on course, however, remains a big question.


Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2019: HSBC proves its mettle

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Asiamoney 30th Anniversary Brokers Poll of Polls

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