More C Resilient materials for connectors and filler rings shall be manufactured from natural or synthetic rubber and shall conform to the prescribed requirements. Mechanical devices shall be made from a material or materials in combination that will ensure durability, strength, resistance to corrosion, and have properties that will ensure continued resistance to leakage. The design of pipe connectors and pipe stubs are specified.

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If your specifications call for a manhole connector to meet or exceed ASTM C , you might want to check out one or all of these options. But what is a manhole connector? The key lock that is cast-in integrally into the manhole during the production process adds another feature to the product that manhole production facilities will certainly appreciate. It differs from most competitive manhole connectors with its all stainless steel components, no plastic parts or no welds or rivets.

Manufactured to fit almost any pipe diameter and easily cast in with a fabricated rolled steel ring mandrel or Styrofoam, the CAST-A-SEAL is your answer to the big jobs of sealing manholes.

Kwik Seal Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication — it really is. And the Kwik Seal is precisely sized to fit in a cored or cast-in manhole opening with no special tools required. Once in place cast or cored the pipe is pushed home and compresses around the pipe O. At the same time it deforms against the manhole opening creating a similar seal that you would find in pipe gasket joints. With the ability to retain the same sealing power as the PSX: Direct Drive, while adding a new state-of-the-art power sleeve, the PSX: Nylo Drive is the plastic equivalent to its big brother.

Each one is an integral part in the process, growth and responsibility of the company as a whole. Whether the material is wood, stone, rubber, aluminum or steel, our waterjet cutting services have been instrumental in making customer parts.

We have upgraded our waterjet machine to a much larger table and have improved the […] 22Aug Press-Seal Sales Team Grows Once Again August 22, Press-Seal is happy to announce that we have added another member to our gasket sales team.

Each and everyone of them is an integral part in the process, growth and responsibilities of the company as a whole. July 6, The answer to this question is yes and no. This innovative program places high school students into the workforce where they learn and perform real-world activities in advanced manufacturing or logistics with Hoosier companies.

You want ambassadors of your company, not employees. Employees walk around your facility like a zombie waiting for their paycheck to show up at the end of the week.

So why do they leak? In our experience, the majority of all reported gasket and connector field problems are due to contractor installation issues. Starting as a Manufacturers Representative for Firestone covering Florida and […] 1.


6 Manhole Connectors Conforming to ASTM C923



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