Switch Compartment 8 Design Principle Motor To unseat valves from end positions high starting torque is required, which is provided by the motors developed by Auma India. Change Gears Auma actuators are driven by special combination of gears, which are outside the grease filled housing and require no lubrication. This allows torque switch to be released. If control system provides continuous signal, this results in hunting of motor. This can be avoided by the use of auxiliary relay. Note on Self Locking: Self locking gearing does not ensure safe stopping after an operation.

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This means that the actuators have to operate the valve correctly under defined conditions and to remain safely operable even under AUMA is one of the leading electric actuator manufacturers worldwide and has been manufacturing electric power plants for more than 25 years. Actuators from that time are still in use today which proves the opera- tional reliability of these devices.

This corresponds to the violet section in the illustration. The actuators can be adapted to suit the requirements of nearly all valve applications. This is achieved by: Graded protection concept In a compact, solid and DBE resistant housing in enclosure protection IP 68, components are installed which are themselves qualified for DBE conditions.

All outer housing components are made of aluminium free materials. It is capable of withstanding thrust. Open the catalog to page 5 Functions Type designation The actuator version is defined by the designation according to type code. F10 Applicable for all versions only if applicable to define a version Open-close duty Input Actuators for open-close duty The valves are operated relatively seldom, the time intervals can span between a few minutes up to several months.

Open the catalog to page 6 Functions Modulating duty The controlled variable in a modulating application is affected by many influences. A change of the reference input signal, pressure fluctuation in the pipeline and temperature variations influence the process in such a way that a frequent adjustment of the MOV is required.

For sensitive modulating applications the starts may be in intervals of a few seconds. Input signal from process controller Actuator for modulating duty Positioner Feedback signal to process controller Valve position feedback Therefore high demands are placed on actuators for this duty Open the catalog to page 7 Functions Seating Depending on the design of the valve to be operated, end position switching either limit seating, i.

For this purpose, the actuator is equipped with two independent measuring systems, i. The type of seating has to be taken in account both when setting the actuator and in the actuator control. However, the processing of signals for the two types of seating differs. Open the catalog to page 8 Functions Overload protection against torque peaks The torque switching, used for torque seating in the end position see page 8 , serves as overload protection for the entire travel, even in the case of limit seating.

After the controls have processed the torque switch signal accordingly, the motor will be switched off. As a result, valve and actuator are protected from damage.

If excessive torque builds up in the valve in an intermediate position, e. Open the catalog to page 9 Equipment Limit and torque switches With the help of the switches, the mechanically measured travel i.

The limit switches are tripped when the set switching point, i. Torque switches If the actuator is The switching can be set to any valve position between the end positions.

The switch will remain operated from set tripping point to end position if not more than turns of the hollow output shaft are in between. The switch signal can be used for any purpose, e.


Actuator Catalogue For Auma

Analogue setpoints or measured values are When testing the complete actuator, the switch compartment 1is the perfect place for mounting Sincethe founding year of thecompany, AUMA has The Online Industrial Exhibition. Actuators from that time are still in use today cata,ogue proves the opera- tional reliability of these devices. Lever actuators SGF Open the catalog to page 3. The operating behaviour of the field devices can be optimised during operation without gaining access to the device.


Actuators SA and SAR

Open the catalog to page 1 Solutions for a world in motion AUMA automates valves No industrial process without automation, no automation without actuators - or vice versa: Actuators are nerve centres - their reliability is crucial to the safety and economic efficiency of whole industrial plants. But there is no such thing as the industrial process. Each branch has its specific peculiarities, many actuator applications require individual solutions. Whether OPEN - CLOSE or modulating duty, with high enclosure protection or even for explosion-proof applications - to make a general automation possible, great flexibility Open the catalog to page 2 AUMA electric actuators are employed wherever the automation of a valve requires rotation, swivel movement, linear movement or actuation via a lever. Open the catalog to page 3 Multi-turn actuators e. They form the optimal interface between process control and actuator.






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