Muhammad Ali Jinnah , founder of Pakistan , invited his father Muhammed Hashem Premji to come to Pakistan, he turned down the request and chose to remain in India. The couple have two children, Rishad and Tariq. It used to manufacture cooking oil under the brand name Sunflower Vanaspati, and a laundry soap called , a byproduct of oil manufacture. The company, which was called Western Indian Vegetable Products at the time, dealt in hydrogenated oil manufacturing but Azim Premji later diversified the company to bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hair care soaps, baby toiletries, lighting products, and hydraulic cylinders. In the s, the young entrepreneur, recognising the importance of the emerging IT field, took advantage of the vacuum left behind by the expulsion of IBM from India, changed the company name to Wipro and entered the high-technology sector by manufacturing minicomputers under technological collaboration with an American company Sentinel [18] Computer Corporation. This has been done by transferring million equity shares of Wipro Ltd, held by a few entities controlled by him, to the Azim Premji Trust.

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He is a philanthropist and the owner of Wipro limited. In , Asiaweek voted him as the 20 most powerful men in the world. In fact by the Time Magazine he was listed twice among the most influential people. Despite all his great achievements he is known for his modest lifestyle and humane personality. Let us study more about Azim Premji, his family, achievements, books, foundations, etc. He was studying engineering at Stanford. Now, the company is known as Western Indian Vegetable Products which dealt in hydrogenated oil manufacturing but later Premji diversified it into bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hare care soaps, lighting products etc.

In s, he recognised the importance of the emerging IT field, took advantage of the vacuum left behind by the expulsion of IBM from India and changed the name to Wipro. So, this way he entered in the technology sector by manufacturing minicomputers under technological with an American Company Sentinel Computer Corporation.

He is very humble and down to earth personality. Azim Premji: Philanthropist He is also very generous philanthropist as in it was reported that he contributed a large amount of his wealth in the establishment of the Azim Premji Foundation.

Do you know he is the first Indian who has signed the Giving Pledge that is he will donate most of his wealth for humanitarian causes? Azim Premji: Awards and Honours Several awards and honours are attributed to him are: - In , he received an honorary doctorate by Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

So, now you may have come to know that Azim Premji being a powerful, wealthy person, chairman of Wipro, he is very down to earth. Created foundation to help children in the field of education, signed the Giving Pledge and conferred by various awards and honours.


Azim Premji Biography: Family, Net Worth, Foundation and Awards

Pakistanpopulous and multiethnic country of South Asia. Vijayan Herbert Alexandrovich Yefremov. Init began manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and truck tippers. Over the s the company collaborated with several other businesses in the computer field, including an American company Sentinel Computer Corporation, to form partnerships and positioned Wipro as a successful manufacturer of computer hardware.


Azim Premji Biography

Apart from being a business tycoon, he is the Chairman of Wipro and a well-known philanthropist. He is also unofficially regarded as the Czar of the information technology industry of India. Premji was also supposedly the wealthiest person in the country in the six-year span of through according to Forbes. The same globally-revered magazine also states that as of , he is the fourth richest in India and 61st across the world. As of , his personal wealth totalled to


Azim Premji


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