To my old agent Laura for all the time you invested in my projects. To Marie Force for your mad formatting skills. And finally to my family, friends and readers for being so wonderful and supportive. Chapter 1 The lights of Raljahar twinkled with life. Sheikh Rafiq al Hakimi stepped back from the palace window, pride sweeping through him as he turned his attention away from the vibrant nightlife below.

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His price is her innocence… Holly Winchester is desperate. With her brother facing theft charges and a potential prison sentence in a foreign country, she seeks help from the one man she knows can give it. But will the ruthless, billionaire sheikh who once broke her heart be able to forget and forgive their painful past?

Two years ago, Sheikh Rafiq Al Hakimi allowed a beautiful foreigner not only into his country, but nearly his heart. Until he discovered her intentions were as shallow as the modeling world she thrived in.

His touch and his appearance repulsed her that much, did it? Holly swallowed visibly and hesitated before answering. He was allegedly caught cheating at a cards table at your casino.

Or perhaps she just thought him a fool. Her hands balled into fists at her side, nearly disappearing into the long sleeves of her burka.

Her head bowed. His sense of power grew at the sound of the small, nervous breaths escaping her lips and the trembling of her body. How was it possible he still wanted her? Wanted her mouth on his. Wanted her beneath him in bed, begging for pleasure and calling his name in abandon. With lightning-quick movements, Rafiq slid his arm around her waist and drew her body flush against his.

Her gasp of shock coincided with her hands flying up to press against his chest. Pain ripped through him and he clenched his jaw. A tremble ripped through her and she shook her head. And for appearing in his life again when he tried so hard to never think of her—to never think of their passionate moments together. But more than that, he wanted to feel her lips beneath his and taste her again. Hear her cries of pleasure, even if they were a lie.

Her lips parted on a cry of protest, allowing his tongue to sweep in and conquer. To demand a surrender he knew Holly would never give willingly.


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Malagore Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Two years ago, Sheikh Rafiq Al Hakimi allowed a beautiful foreigner not only into his country, but nearly his heart. I must admit, Rafiq REALLY did zheikh for me, what with his initial anger at Holly and then the realisation that he had misjudged her upon which he turned into a beeauty, steaming pile of goo! I loved watching Rafiq come out of his shell and be a true leader to his people. One taste and she was forever hooked. He heard part of a terrible conversation 2 years ago and branded Holly a slut and never gave her a chance to explain.


A is for Alpha Series

He returned late at night to the palace and tried not to wake her. But today, with the dinner, he knew he must stop avoiding her. Had only wanted to spend time with her alone, outside the palace, and anticipated her excitement at riding a camel for the first time. Not only with the storm, but by sending his guards back to the palace and going on without them.

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