As pessoas apontariam o dedo para qualquer uma por quem Tristan Carruthers tivesse se apaixonado. Qualquer pessoa que tivesse estado com Tristan na noite em que ele havia morrido seria alvo de cochichos. E como ela podia negar ter ingerido uma droga que aparecera no exame de sangue feito pelo hospital? Ivy sabia que era o melhor amigo de Gregory, Eric Ghent, e continuou andando. Perdeu a coragem?

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To view it, click here. In my opinion, the action is just a flat line the whole time. Most of the book is a mix of an extended flashback and Ivy moping. Nothing happens.

Then light came from behind it, a bright burst around its dark shape. A car was coming from the opposite direction.

Trees walled them in. There was no room to veer left or right. It was evident to me, at least, that something was wrong with the car. Maybe my copy of the book which I got online got messed up and put their car crash in the beginning. The heroine is annoying. I thought I would never have to read another mopey Bella Swann book, but here it is. After Tristan dies, Ivy just becomes depressed.

She lashes out at her friends. She loses belief in her religion. She dismisses her brother. Are you serious?

Her throwing out her angel statues are the equivalent of smashing a picture of Jesus. She claims, "If angels were real, if angels were our guardians, Tristan would be alive!

Ever heard of the phrase "Everything happens for a reason"? The characters have no depth. I feel as though all of the characters just have one aspect of their personality that they follow. Suzanne, for instance, is this party girl who is pretty much obsessed with Gregory, her crush. Later on in the series, this leads to her choosing Gregory over her supposed "best friend".

But if Ivy was her best friend then she would actually listen to her. Yeah, no. Personally, I thought they were just annoying. Just like that. And how come the drama teacher had them jump off a diving board? It seems like connections were trying to be made where there were none. Ooh and on top of that, Ivy got over her fear of water just like that. If the love of my life made me stand of top of a tower for an hour that rhymes! I would be even more scared of heights, not not scared at all.

Personally, I hated it.

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