That comes as some relief to me, my origins being predominantly upwards-of-Humber. But I think what he was really driving at was that the North is a state of mind, not a place with boundaries and coordinates. The North is inside you as well as around you; you can evoke it, invoke it, summon it. Auden, perhaps the greatest British-born poet of the Twentieth Century, knew the thrill of this imagined territory. I too have my lovesick reminders: a desktop image of Yorkshire hay-meadows greets me every time I fire up the office PC.

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Composition[ edit ] The opening track of Homogenic , "Hunter" showcases the hybrid elements of strings and electronic backing beats through the album. But the emotion was ancient, deeply human". They have been described as what "[ties] the whole shebang together together [ She uses the interval of the fifth throughout the song, such as in the cellos; fifths were common in Icelandic folk songs. Lysloff and Leslie C. Gay, Jr. We all had a go on the filtering and played around with the decay of each individual drum.

So I think in that song, I was sort of Quite Swedish, you know. One bird always had the same nest and partner all their lives. The other was always travelling and taking on different partners. At some point there was a conscious decision made to remain a hunter. I have to isolate myself and put myself in a state so I will write a song. Marvin Lin from Tiny Mix Tapes called it "painfully beautiful". And for me, the post-production was much more of a challenge because it took several months, whereas she wrapped up after a single day of shooting.

Computer animation was handled by Digital Domain. We were interested in making the technology very visible, but also playing with translucency and transparency, soft boundaries. She passionately sings looking into the camera; as she shakes and moves her head, she begins to morph into a polar bear.

Towards the end of the video, she completely transforms into the "techno-bear", before returning to her original state and the image once again fading-out to white. Reception and analysis[ edit ] The video received critical acclaim.

And the beauty of Hunter is its utter simplicity. The provider - in a cold world. Mission accomplished. She performed with Mark Bell, who was raised at the rear of the stage surrounded by keyboards and sequencers, and with the Icelandic String Octet conducted by Eumir Deodato at one side of the stage. A performance of "Hunter" at the Cambridge Corn Exchange during the tour was included in the video release Live in Cambridge It was subsequently included in the official soundtrack, The X-Files: The Album , which appeared in several charts upon its release.

The song was not originally a part of the album, but was recorded and added to the track listing after the album leaked several months before it was to be released.

Brian Orloff from the Tampa Bay Times was impressed with the cover version, writing that Thirty Seconds to Mars erects "riveting tension" in its "almost trip-hop " rendition of the song.


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We sat together at the kitchen table and drank a lot of red wine and I told him the whole story for hours and days and he wrote the words from that story. She takes the book to a publishing house, "Clark Publishing", in an unspecified large city that may be Chicago, and she and the publisher fall in love. It becomes obvious, seeing and hearing excerpts from the book, that the book tells the story of how Bachelorette found the book, travelled to meet the publisher, and fell in love with him. The musical version includes the story of the musical itself, so at some point a mini theater is shown on the stage, featuring actors dressed as a small audience. At some point later in the musical this mini musical features an even smaller version of itself, with an even smaller stage audience. The publisher, who is in the actual audience, becomes disgusted with seeing so many versions of himself, and breaks off the relationship; later, his character in the original musical does as well. The book becomes unpopular, and the original copy begins unwriting itself.

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Hunter (Björk song)



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