In this book, it is being presented the biography of Hadrat Bo Ali Shah More This is a very old book which is well known by the title of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar in the Urdu language and translated by me from Urdu into the English language for the first time. So it was published 85 years ago. His dargah mausoleum in the town of Panipat is a place of pilgrimage. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. The journey of Sheikh Naseeruddin to Iraq….

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His father, Sheikh Fakhar Uddin was a great scholar and saint of his time. His father came from Iraq in the year Hijri and settled down in Panipat.

His lineage with several links reached Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa. He was born in Hijri in Panipat. Studies He completed his studies at an early age and taught near the Qutub Minar in Delhi for 20 years. He was counted among renowned scholars and top-ranking teachers regarded him with respect.

He got up and threw all the books into the river and trudged into the forest and busied in prayer and meditation there. Prayer and Meditation He undertook severe penance and meditation, stood in a state of absorption for several days in water till the fish ate away flesh form his calves.

One day he was engaged in meditation, a voice he heard. I will give away my life in love while standing at this place. If you want it, then do it. He witnessed, in the state, that a saint appeared and lifted him out of the river and placed him on the bank. Several chroniclers opine that the saint was Hazrat Ali himself.

He taught him some divine secrets and disappeared. From that day he was regularly lost in spiritual wonderment. His heart was filled with heavenly light. From that day he was call Boo-Ali Shah.

Still some chroniclers say that he did not pledge obedience to a holy man but was admitted directly into the fold by Hazrat Ali. His stay in Panipat He lived in Panipat till death and served the people form there. Hundreds drew spiritual or divine benefits from him. Besides, he undertook to regular teaching and propagation of Islam.

Hundreds embraced Islam because of him. The Rajputs, who lived around, were the great beneficiaries. He left a deep impact on the royal dynasty of Delhi, and preached them of good conduct.

Revelation and Mysteries One day a disciple of Shamsuddin Turk went to the city on an errand and saw Boo Ali Shah riding a lion and retold the episode to his teacher. He rose from his place immediately and went to Ghote. Search for:.


Bu Ali Shah Qalandar






The biography of Hadrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar


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