Includes all of the features of the ROPS canopy with the addition of the following: Front windshield Eight working lights Suspension Seat Standard The standard vinyl mechanical suspension seat is ergonomically located and allows a 20 degree side rotation to maximize operator comfort and productivity. The seat is adjustable for a greater operating range and more comfortable ride. The seat controls allow the seat to be tailored to support differing body weights. Adjustable seat height accommodates all operators. Machine Controls Switches are located at operator level. White-faced gauges are easy to read.

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Maximum Torque — 1, rpm. Sticks — Long mm. Net Power hp. Hydraulic System Act Valve Pressure. F Overall Width — Outriggers Down. Creeper Speed — 2nd Gear. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity.

May Release Number: Sticks — Short mm. Maximum Flow — Swing Mechanism. Added fuel savings result from the reversible cooling fan, which is also an electronically controlled, on-demand type that automatically cwt its speed based on coolant and hydraulic-oil temperature. Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity. G Height to Top of Cab. Max Reach Along Ground. For increased durability, the cab uses heavy steel tubing around its exterior bottom perimeter for resistance to fatigue and vibration.

Creeper Speed — dat Gear. See Mobile Excavator for sale on rbauction. Caterpillar MD Mobile Excavator. Shipping Height of Unit. These modifications ensure that the new MD MH Waste Handler meets all dimensional requirements and allows the new configuration to maintain a competitive edge in reach, height and lifting capacity. Design specifics In addition to features that fit the MD MH Waste Handler to work in confined areas, an optional Waste Handling package specifically equips the machine to work efficiently in waste transfer stations or other dusty applications.

Reference Bucket Capacity 1. Height to Top of Cab. In addition to features that fit the MD MH Waste Handler to work in confined areas, an optional Waste Handling package specifically equips the machine to work efficiently md waste transfer stations or other dusty applications. The new boom has a shorter pin-to-pin length of 5. Front Diff Fluid Capacity. Maximum Reach — Ground Level. Front Steering Axle — Differential. A Shipping Length of Unit. See Mobile Excavator for sale on mascus.

This new configuration, which meets with accepted industry criteria to ensure safe operation and high production when working in close quarters, incorporates significant undercarriage and boom modifications, while retaining the proven features of its conventional MD MH counterpart: Sticks — Medium mm. H Tail Swing Radius. A dense wire-mesh hood complements the automatic fan by facilitating optimum cooling and reducing radiator clogging, and a new seal has been added around the engine hood.

Number of Forward Gears. Maximum Pressure — Travel Circuit. See Mobile Excavator for sale on ironplanet. The heavy-duty swing-bearing tower is now centered on the undercarriage, placing it equidistant from axles and stabilizers for symmetry and optimum balance, whether working over the front or rear. The new compact undercarriage is compatible with all sticks and booms available, including MH, standard and one-piece booms.

Cooling System Fluid Capacity.


Caterpillar M318 Mobile Excavator

Is the correct power mode activated? Two of the power modes can be selected by the operator for machine operation. The two operator selectable power modes are the "Economy Mode" and the "Power Mode". The third power mode that the ECM can activate during machine travel or under certain other machine conditions is the "Travel Mode".


Découvrez notre gamme de pelles hydrauliques neuves ou d’occasion

Детальную информацию по поставляемому оборудованию вы можете уточнить у представителя нашей компании. Двигатель модели C6. Гидравлическая система Благодаря современной гидравлической системе с регулировкой производительности в зависимости от нагрузки и наличию отдельного насоса поворота платформы, сокращается рабочий цикл, увеличивается грузоподъёмность и усилия на ковше и рукояти. Такая конструкция обеспечивает максимальную производительность при всех работах, выполняемых колесным экскаватором Caterpillar MD. Ходовая часть Машина может оборудоваться различными вариантами ходовой части для разных условий работы. Комфортные условия работы оператора Конструкция кабины оператора полностью переработана.


Caterpillar M318


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