Cecil C. When Bozarth passed away suddenly in May at the age of 55, he left a void in Nelson Hall. The afternoon before, I had been in his office joking with him, and then he was just gone. Within weeks of his death, his closest co-workers in Poole College came together to create the Cecil C. Ranft a lot of credit.

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Kelly Walton June 1, Dr. Bozarth was an inspirational teacher, and he will be greatly missed. Bozarth, it quickly became a class that I enjoyed and valued. His love of the subject and ability to explain its relevance to others was a true asset to those of us lucky enough to be in his class.

My condolences to his family. Ashley Black May 31, I have the fondest memories of Cecil. We traveled all over the world together delivering a finance workshop and there was never a dull moment. You will be so very missed, dear friend. See you on the other side. My office was directly across from his for several years.

Though he taught in a different discipline, we had many conversations about life, sons and daughters, politics, and many other topics. When I visited his office to say hi, he would often whip out a picture of his wife, his son, or his latest car project. He beamed with pride when he talked about his family. I could always tell when Cecil was coming down the hall toward his office because he would often whistle a tune as he walked.

One time, I told how much I enjoyed his whistling, and that it always made me smile. About three years ago, I moved offices to a new floor. When Cecil walked by and saw me packing my stuff, he frowned and said, "Oh no. I told him that I was only moving to a new location. My new floor is not the same. There is no one that whistles. He will be greatly missed. When I first got to NC State two years ago, Cecil was one of the first people I met since his office was right down the hall from mine.

We worked together several times on projects related to the school, and Cecil was always the most jovial and friendly person in the room. He was also one of the most encouraging colleagues I have ever had.

His presence around Nelson Hall will truly be missed. Beth Pennell Oxentine May 29, Dr. Bozarth was memorable! I was telling someone the other day about how he would pace the stage of Nelson holding a chair over his head while teaching. Colorful character.

Condolences to the family. His lectures were always engaging, fun and informative all at the same time. He would always go the extra mile to resolve our concerns or explain difficult principles to us. May he rest in peace! He cared about the students and providing them a good education while challenging them to do their best and apply their knowledge. He frequently helped me and my practicum teams on complex issues - always willing to help.

Cecil also had a great sense of humor and made me laugh. He was twice as big as me and he used his self-deprecating humor frequently about his size relative to mine or wanting my food.

I enjoyed our group lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will remember them fondly. Cecil was a good man and a friend and will be missed. I helped in the sourcing of several parts for the car and also provided some opinions as to what was correct or not for the restoration. He wanted everything about his Zephyr to be perfect, the same way he lived life.

He always had a desire to have a "Big Lincoln" and he finally made that happen with the acquisition of his LeBaron Convertible Roadster. He was excited to get his new garage and started dismantling his toy for the impending restoration.

Sadly he will not have the opportunity to see his much anticipated project to the finish line. Cecil was a "gentle giant" among men. Later on I met the new love of his life, Andrea, a real breath of fresh air, and I was happy for both of them that they had found each other.

While I would see them once or twice a year it was obvious that they were very good for each other. I, along with anyone else who knew Dr. Cecil will certainly miss him. To his boys I extend my sympathies for your loss and to Andrea I say that you were lucky to have spent eight years with him and unlucky to have your future together taken away so suddenly. May we all remember the good times with Cecil and wish him well on his next journey to Lincoln Heaven.

Rest in peace Brother!! We will never forget that Cecil was never afraid to drive their Lincoln Zephyr car. They always dressed period correct.. Cecil will be missed.. As I was new to NC State at the time, he always reached out to see how things were going. We would share a laugh about life as an academic and would promise to keep it all in perspective.

He was a wonderful colleague and his absence will be strongly felt in the hallways and at the gym. Cecil, may your next journey be as successful as your life on earth.

My sincere condolences to your family.


Dr. Cecil Chester Bozarth III

I lost a good friend on May 27, just as a son lost his father, a wife lost her husband, two parents lost a son, two sisters lost a brother, and North Carolina State University lost a witty and exceptional teacher. Cecil Bozarth III was all of these things, and more. I first met Cecil when he walked into our tiny doctoral student office on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in August, He pulled up in his U-Haul, see newspaper clipping , and came over to meet us in our shared office. Mind you, this office was tiny. Anyone who knew Cecil knew that he was anything but a small man.


Professor Cecil Chester Bozarth III, PhD: In Memoriam



Honoring a Life of Connections




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