It is the first book in the first series of Deltora Quest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven gems of great and mysterious power. When the gems are stolen and hidden in dark, terrible places throughout the kingdom, the Shadow Lord triumphs and Deltora is lost. In secrecy, with only a hand-drawn map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a perilous quest. Jarred had been given to Endon as a companion to keep him from getting lonely.

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It is the first book in the first series of Deltora Quest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven gems of great and mysterious power. When the gems are stolen and hidden in dark, terrible places throughout the kingdom, the Shadow Lord triumphs and Deltora is lost. In secrecy, with only a hand-drawn map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a perilous quest.

Jarred had been given to Endon as a companion to keep him from getting lonely. They had grown up together almost like brothers. It was the Rule never to venture from the palace, and the Belt of Deltora was to be worn only on the day that the heir to the throne became king or queen. Being obedient and quiet, he had never questioned the Rule, and was an easy victim of the treachery of his chief advisor, Prandine. Jarred begins to suspect Prandine of treachery and searched for evidence that the Rule was corrupt.

He went to the library for research and found The Belt of Deltora , a book containing information about the Belt of Deltora. Jarred headed to the chapel to try to show this to Endon, but Prandine intervened, preventing him from doing so, and, when Jarred reaches into his shirt to produce the book, drapes Endon in his cape and accuses Jarred of attempting to murder Endon with a hidden knife. Jarred, seeing that Endon believes him, is forced to flee from the palace and is taken in by a blacksmith, Crian , who trained him to be a blacksmith as if he were his own son.

The message Jarred leaves Endon just before he escapes. Anna, who was now with child, went to open the window, thinking it too warm in the room. She saw seven Ak-Baba circling the palace. Alarmed, she screamed out for Jarred. Jarred looked out the window and noticed the arrow in the tree.

He ran to the outside of the palace and found a drawing with a rhyme on it drawn by Endon in his childhood describing how to enter the palace using a passage, which was a secret even to the chief advisors.

The drawing Jarred uses to get into the palace. Jarred followed the instructions on the drawing, and finds himself climbing out of a tunnel in the chapel. Jarred then realised to his complete shock that the man was Endon. Endon explained that Min had come to him to warn him that she had overheard two people speaking of a danger that would occur that night , and that she had begged him to try and prevent it. He brushed her aside, thinking her talk to be ridiculous.

An hour later, she was dead, having fallen down the stairs. Endon heard that she had a son, and sent for him, but was told that he could not be found. Endon told Jarred that he believed that Prandine killed Min, and that his wife, Queen Sharn , believed that also. Jarred then said that his own wife would give birth in early autumn. Queen Sharn entered the chapel, and screamed when she saw Jarred, frightened by his appearance. Endon reassured her, saying that it was Jarred.

Endon did not want to do this, saying that his duty was to follow the Rule. Sharn told him that his duty to Deltora was greater than his duty to follow the Rule. This convinced Endon to go with Jarred to the tower.

Upon arriving at the tower room, Endon, Sharn and Jarred saw that the guards outside were dead. Endon rushed into the room, and cried out in anguish. Jarred and Sharn followed him, and saw that the Belt of Deltora had been broken and the Gems had been stolen. They heard a triumphant laugh, and looked up to see Prandine gloating at them. He said that he planned to kill Endon, Sharn and the child she carried.

Jarred was murderously enraged and attacked Prandine, but ended up injuring his sword arm. Jarred tried to distract Prandine to give Endon and Sharn a chance to escape, but it did not work. It seemed as if all was lost, when Sharn looked out the window, and shrank back as if she saw someone outside. Prandine grew suspicious, and walked towards the window, warning the men that if they moved Sharn would die.

Sharn cried out to Prandine that there was no one out there, but he did not believe her and stuck his head out the window. Instantly, Sharn was on her knees and tipped Prandine out the window. Endon and Jarred gave her shocked looks, and Sharn said that she had often seen smaller jesters do a similar trick. Jarred asked if there actually was anyone outside. Jarred gave Sharn a look of frank admiration, and told Endon that he was as fortunate in his choice of a wife as Jarred was in his.

They hurried back to the chapel, where they left the palace the way Jarred came. Lief and Barda then head off to the Forests of Silence, since it is the closest route from Del. Despite the warning signs along the path leading up to the Forests of Silence, the two head into the forest and are captured by the Wenn. Knocked unconscious by the ambush, Lief and Barda wake up to find themselves paralysed and tied down inside the Forests of Silence.

Having given up hope of rescue, Lief and Barda are startled by the return of Jasmine. Wild with panic, Lief unknowingly begins to thrash around while Jasmine shouts at him to get up and run, because he can move.

Realising that he can move, Lief gets up and begins to climb the nearest tree. Jasmine tells him to hurry, because the Wennbar is nearly upon them, and helps Barda who is still recovering from the poison. Terrified, Lief climbs as fast as he can, and can hear Jasmine and Barda following him.

Soon, they are of a height where the Wennbar cannot follow them or bring them down. He, Jasmine and Barda sit on the branch, and Barda is shivering so hard that Lief is worried that he will fall. Lief spreads his cloak so that it covers not just him, but Jasmine and Barda as well. To their surprise, the Wennbar begins to act as if they are not their, and leaves them alone.

Lief realises with awe that the cloak camouflages the wearer. Jasmine leads Lief and Barda to her tree-top home, which happens to be a nest. There Jasmine shares a strange meal of fruit and nuts with Lief and Barda. Lief asks Jasmine how she had come to live alone in the Forest.

Jasmine says that when she was seven years old, she was fetching water at the stream when she heard the Grey Guards approaching the home she shared with her parents.

Running back, she saw her parents with two Guards. Her mother saw Jasmine and made a sign to her to stay in the ferns and be silent. Then, after the Guards set fire to the house, they left with her parents. Jasmine believed that if she was good and stayed quiet, her parents would come back, but they did not. Lief notices that Jasmine almost cries, and that Jasmine probably has not cried for a long time.

She then gathered up any possessions that were not burnt from the house and made a new home in the treetops, and that is how she has lived ever since. Barda asks is she is ever lonely.

Jasmine replies that she had the animals and trees to talk to, so she was not lonely. Barda does not believe Jasmine when she says she can talk to trees and animals, and believes she is insane. After that Jasmine reluctantly agrees to show them the way to the most dangerous location in the Forests of Silence. A place called " The Dark , where a formidable former Jalis knight clad in golden battle armour, named Gorl, resided.

They reach their goal, and Barda thanks Jasmine for leading them and tells her that she need not go any further. Gorl had created a dome of vines to protect what he thinks Lief and Barda want to steal: the Lilies of Life , fabled magic flowers said to give eternal life to the one that drink its nectar.

Gorl wanted to drink the nectar and rule the seven tribes of Deltora, but he had been in the Forests for so long that he had never heard about the first king, Adin. They fight him, and they almost fail. To distract him, Barda asks Gorl about his journey to the Forests, saying that surely Gorl was not alone on his quest.

Lief and Barda find out that Gorl did not come alone to the Forests, but with his two fellow knight brothers, Greddock and Gudden.


Forests of Silence

Plot summary[ edit ] The book opens with a boy called Jarred, a friend of Prince Endon. Jarred goes to the library and learns that the evil Shadow Lord, a Sauron -like intelligence located in the Shadowlands, once tried to seize the land in which is the kingdom of Deltora. Because the people of those days were divided into seven tribes, the Shadow Army soon overwhelmed much of the land. Jarred learned that a blacksmith named Adin gathered the sacred talismans from each tribe and attached them to a chain of steel medallions. Adin later became king of the united land called Deltora; yet he never forgot that the Enemy was not destroyed. He therefore never let the Belt out of his sight. With every generation, the Belt was worn less and less, diminishing its effect.


The Forests of Silence



Comprehension Questions – Deltora Quest #1 The Forest of Silence




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