Early life[ edit ] Laura Restrepo is the older of two sisters. Her grandfather was self-educated and spoke six languages. Her father left school age of 13 to go out to work before becoming a businessman. According to Restrepo, her father would take her and her mother with him on his business travels and they never stayed long enough in one place to attend a full year of school.

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Jun 29, Annette Martinez rated it did not like it This one was so boring. Was he 6 or 26? Either way, not for me. I think something must have been lost in the translation of the book. Jul 22, Katherine Marple rated it it was ok I received this book directly from the marketing department at DoubleDay books through a GoodReads contest. The description of this book said it was a dark comedy about a mother and son as they search for the missing "father" aka.

The problem I had with this novel is the description on the book cover ended up being much more interesting and piquing than the actual text inside the book. I received this book directly from the marketing department at DoubleDay books through a GoodReads contest. I enjoy dark comic novels such as Augusten Burroughs and John Irving This is a story of the mother telling a story to her son, who is supposedly in his teens but acts much like a five year old.

His age seems to continuously change from five year old mannerisms to twenty year old actions and is never consistent. Another issue that I had was the mother simply told the story. Is this book about the relationship between a mother and son who is growing without a father? Or is this novel about the 70s Dirty War? There seems to essentially be no point to the entire novel.

I felt like I was walking in the dark through the entire book. I really wanted to like this story and rarely rate things so low. Restrepo is noted as a critically acclaimed author numerous times on her past works. I guess this story and this author is just not for me. This is probably due to the fact that there are three stories going on at oncethe main story, and two main flashback-stories.

The flashbacks are wonderfully crafted, as the narrator reflects on past events with the occasional dialogue interruption from the two MCs in the present.


Demasiados Héroes: Laura Restrepo

Biography Laura Restrepo From Spain, Restrepo went to Argentina where she joined clandestine resistance movements opposed to the military dictatorship, before returning to Colombia in the early s and becoming a political journalist. In , she was invited by the Colombian government to take part in pioneering peace negotiations — the first time that the government had entered into negotiations with left-wing guerrilla movements as an alternative to violent confrontation. This involvement would have an immense impact, leading to her life being endangered and her consequent exile to Mexico, where she would remain for six years. Restrepo has since lived between Colombia and Mexico, and currently lives in Mexico.




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