Noch nicht. Wir haben noch Arbeit vor uns. So flink. Ich stelle mir eine Gazelle vor. Sie riefen an.

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Shelves: just-horrible If I were to die unexpectedly, I wouldnt be ashamed in the least of someone finding my porn stash. And by the way, that video isnt bestiality, its just two guys in a moose suitbig difference. I would be a little ashamed of the fact that I have the first season of on my iPod, something I downloaded for a friends 14 year old daughter note to self: delete it now!

Im more worried about someone coming across Tuesdays with Morrie or Eat, Pray, Love in my book collection. I have some explaining to do. I buy books compulsively, especially when they are really inexpensive. I pass by a pawn shop about once a month to buy books for. Books in Spain are generally a bit expensive so at this price I will buy almost anything—even the two pieces of shit mentioned above. I give away lots of books to friends and acquaintances, especially when they come this cheaply.

I actually read Tuesdays with Morrie, or at least I speed-read part of it for the purposes of this essay and I had read Eat, Pray, Love some years ago, or at least most of it. Both are best sellers meant for people who almost never read. They are books for people who claim a book is brilliant simply because they were able to finish it.

Answers are simply created by people who are terrified that there might not be answers. The problem is when religions or the Mitch Alboms and Elizabeth Gilberts of the world start infringing on the domain of the rational with their moronic explanations of the spiritual or existential.

I would say that these institutions religions and hack writers constantly violate the airspace of the rational and scientific. Tuesdays and Eat claim to be instruction manuals for life.

They have about as much spiritual depth as a newspaper horoscope or a fortune cookie. A few examples: Learn to forgive yourself and forgive others.

Accept the past as past and what you are not able to do. Morrie is a fountain of banalities. He was a sociology professor, not Heinrich Himmler. Wisdom is difficult to define but I think I know it when I see it.

PS: If I dated a girl who had this book on her bed table I would probably escape by jumping out her third story bathroom window. It would creep me out, like when that girl saw the fingernails on the wall in Silence of the Lambs.

PPS: I wrote this mainly to get a few laughs. Before you crucify me in the comments of this review, I suggest you read one of my reviews of a book that I loved. There are many. Afterword Liz Goodreads Friend mentioned that Saint Mitch Albom is actually a full-blown asshole who is completely contemptuous of people with shitty, minimum wage jobs—a more accurate description is the working poor.

How dare I have to repeat what I said to you about my coffee order! Yes, the poor are to blame for the downfall of our republic, or whatever it is.


Dienstags bei Morrie (tv)



Dienstags bei Morrie: Die Lehre eines Lebens


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