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Duni Chand had five daughters. All were beautiful and talented. Duni Chand had a big ego and one day he asked his daughters, "Tell me who provides you food and shelter? But the youngest daughter, Bibi Rajni replied, "It is God that provides for everyone". Hearing this, Duni Chand was enraged, he married Rajni to a leper. But Bibi Rajni did not mind, she accepted the leper as her husband and served him with great love.

Bibi Rajni procured a basket, put her husband into it, and tenderly bore him on her head to Hardwar, Tribeni, and other places of hindu pilgrimage in the hope of curing him of his malady. Unfortunately, the hindu places of worship did not have to power to cure. Wandering and wandering, Bibi Rajni by the divine guidance of piety and virtue arrived footsore and weary at the very spot which the third Guru had indicated and the fourth Guru had marked out as the site of his pool of nectar Amritsar , and there laid down her burden.

Bibi Rajni and her husband needed food. After much discussion, during which the wife expressed her reluctance to leave her husband, it was decided that he should remain under a ber tree in the cool and grateful proximity of the water, while she departed to beg their daily meal.

Amrit Sarovar Discovered The leper, left alone, saw two crows fighting. One had a piece of bread in its mouth, which the other tried to snatch. While they were struggling, the bread fell into the pool. Both birds swooped down upon it.

The crows reappeared with their colour changing from black to white. Seeing this he concluded that pool did not contain ordinary water, so he made up his mind to bathe in the pond. When he came out he was astonished to find himself healthy, he was no longer a leper.

He walked as a young man and again sat under the shade of the Ber tree. When Bibi Rajni returned from langar she was unable to recognize her husband. On arriving, her consternation knew no bounds. In the perfect proportions of the man who stood before her, Bibi Rajni could not discover her husband, the recent crippled and maimed leper, and she shrank from his embrace with all the indignation of outraged virtue. In vain did her husband tried to explain the cause of his metamorphosis.

She interrupted his narrative with tears and imprecations. The quarrel continued between husband and wife.

She refused to accept his statements, and he felt mortified at the incredulity of his wife. Remonstrance and argument had no effect on her, and feminine obstinacy temporarily triumphed. With ceaseless objurgations and monitions of divine vengeance Bibi Rajni hastened from the presence of the man she believed guilty of such great enormity, to mourn her darling leper in some remote and forlorn solitude.

Some villagers who had accidentally seen the occurrence, bore witness to the fact that it was really the same man she had brought in her basket. Bibi Rajni still remained sceptical. On this the villagers told her that Guru Ram Das, a famous Saint of God, was sitting under a tree nearby, and if she went to him he would resolve her doubts.

After compliments, Bibi Rajni said, "I am a virtuous woman. I left my leprous husband here and he has disappeared. This man whom I know not, claims to be him, but I believe he is some deceitful person who has a design on my virtue.

I do not think that this pool of water possesses such extraordinary efficacy as he alleges. It is in fact supreme among all places of pilgrimages. If you do not believe this, see this man is affected with leprosy in one finger. Let him dip it into the water, and you shall see the result. And whoever bathes in this tank shall obtain balm for his wounded spirit! Bibi Rajni was doubly convinced that it was in reality her husband who had accosted her, and that the pool possessed miraculous virtues.

The ber tree, still on the spot, is that under which she left her crippled husband. The tree, under which the leper was sitting, came to be known as Dukh Bhanjani Beri as it is said to relieve the pains and afflictions of people. Every day, thousands of people enter the Amritsar sarovar near the Beri.

After the conjugal reconciliation through the kind offices of the Guru, the faithful couple embraced Sikhi, and the quondam leper and cripple assisted him in enlarging the tank, building to it flights of descending steps, and rearing on its margin imposing edifices for divine praise and prayer, worthy of the miraculous discovery of the water and its still more miraculous virtue.

Duni Chand was delighted on again beholding his daughter and seeing her husband restored to ordinary human shape and vigour. He recognized the Guru as a real saint of God, made him offerings, and prostrated himself before him.


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