Vikings[ edit ] The Vikings are very similar to their real world counterparts, but in many ways are easier to relate to than other groups of people. A mixture of farmers, craftsmen and warriors that glorify battle, but are trustworthy allies. Among the peoples of Everworld they are easy to get along with and motivate into needed action instead of bickering amongst themselves. They are also the most cosmopolitan of Everworld humans, as they readily accept people of other races into their ranks African, Asian, etc. They worshiped Loki for an unknown period of time when he overthrew Odin and other major gods such as Thor and Balder disappeared. Aztecs[ edit ] The Aztecs , in their Everworld incarnation, are portrayed as an utterly savage and barbaric society.

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Shelves: fantasy , do-not-own , mythology , young-adult For once our Everworld kids have clean clothes, plenty to eat, and nice beds to sleep in Everworld specifically, the Olympus Motel 6, as they affectionately refer to their lodging. Give them back their creature comforts, but there is a trade-off: the Hetwan are attacking Mount Olympus, the Greek warriors are falling, and after a tense conversation with Zeus himself and the other Olympians, the Everworld kids are recruited to lead the Greeks in battle.

Just another ordinary day in Everworld for these kids who are not movers nor shakers in the scheme of things, but who always end up in the most interesting places at the most interesting times. April is narrating, so we get a refreshed look at her analysis of her traveling companions — and a very acute analysis she makes, especially of Christopher.

As far as the battle for Olympus goes, it takes some very interesting turns, with Coo-Hatch getting involved in a most interesting way remember that chemistry textbook they traded back in what, book 1? Plus, Senna view spoiler [makes an appearance at Olympus, and works some crafty trickery and deal-making with the Olympians. Rounded up to 3 stars. It was okay, but it did bring up some more Issues, it was BIG, and the introspections were interesting and relatable.

Favorite quotes: view spoiler [The images of horror [from Everworld me…]. I can feel the pain. I can feel the sick fear. It is eating away at real-world April, almost as much as it damages Everworld April. Maybe more. That is my real life, and it is being poisoned by an onslaught of fear and rage. I was comfortable in it. I was happy in it. I have a place in the real world. I belong. I am happy belonging. But Everworld is more.

Brighter, louder, sweeter, and more harsh, stranger, more interesting, more challenging, so insanely dangerous, so terrifying. The friends I have in the real world are the core of my universe. Well, are David and Christopher and Jalil friends, exactly? Any interesting character has flaws, but the flaws and weaknesses, even the twists and sicknesses and evils, that make an interesting role.

He is funny. I know his throwback attitudes come from some weakness in him, some dark, sad place. Live forever. Unless someone kills you. But no old age, no disease. Too big a thing to think about. I see it as more like a very baggy pair of shorts. And not long togas, either. I think we have ourselves a mini-toga look here.

But not so quietly that Athena failed to notice. You know what? Screw their little temper tantrums. This is what comes from having your butt kissed for thousands of years.

Reality time for the gods starts right now. And all three of us edged slowly away from him. They were always touchy. They were always strange. Rigid and inflexible. In the end it leaves you doing whatever you want. The first J--, um, the first, um… American Greek hero. He had stopped himself and then collapsed into babble and unfunniness. I was angry.

I was angry because I wanted desperately to take it. I mean, how far was I going to carry my feminism? I wished later I could remember the emotion. I wished I could get access to it, repeat it. It was the kind of thing an actress could us. But now something new and terrible rose up within me. Something so dark it was a black hole. Fear was gone. Pain was gone. I was gone, obliterated. No mind, no thought. A machine.

Oh, God. Everworld me had flown on the back of a winged horse. The gods of Olympus? Those selfish, foolish, shortsighted creatures? Or to avenge Ganymede? To simply stop Ka Anor and keep him from his goal.

Why had I fought? Why, when I fought, had I so lost myself? Tried not to think of what those stains meant. And I tried, too, not to acknowledge how proud I was to have fought and survived. Crippled, though. Not amazed at her, but amazed at some memory. Embarrassed, it seemed to me. And a little angry. Was he really free of her enchantment? Maybe free of the part that was magic. She still carried the promise of hopeless infatuation. She embodied the lost cause, the empty promise of futility and disappointment and frustration that I guess attracts some men.

Senna was still the woman of ice who would never, ever be thawed. On that cue, as fast as we could, Jalil and I would cut. We could only hope that Jalil and I would delay and respond at almost the identical speed. Of course. The obvious answer. The sensible, twenty-first-century-American answer. No God. And no god. Athena had saved me before.


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