This product is only available upon request. Contact us for a quote. For fast installation, the Cable Cubby has an integrated clamp system that quickly secures the enclosure to the furniture surface without the need for additional parts or tools. The power modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets.

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All Flex55 products can be used globally, providing a stylish architectural solution that works almost anywhere, including Europe, Asia, North America, and other world markets. Combined, these provide an attractive solution in any room. The enclosures blend seamlessly into aesthetically sensitive, high profile surroundings, mounting nearly flush with the tabletop.

Cable Cubby enclosures are available in four sizes for AV connectivity and power needs; most models are available in a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish. All models are available in black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes and accommodate a wide selection of optional connector combinations. Cable Cubby TouchLink touchpanels blend seamlessly into aesthetically-sensitive, high profile surroundings, mounting nearly flush with the tabletop when not in use.

HSA enclosures are available in three primary configurations that complement most room designs and furniture types: compact, tilt-up enclosures with fixed connectivity; tilt-up, modular enclosures with configurable connectivity; and vertically lifting, double-sided enclosures that provide access to connectivity and power from either side of the table.

HSA enclosures are designed for easy mounting into tables, desks, or other AV furniture. Once installed, Extron HSA enclosures fit nearly flush with the furniture surface, storing power and AV connectors out of sight until needed. These frames allow AV technology to blend into the surrounding environment for improved aesthetics and ease of access. Surface Mount Boxes provide an alternative to cutting the furniture surface or placing connectivity on a wall.

Wall Mount and Floor Box frames facilitate placement where space is at a premium, and Rack Mount frames facilitate placement within furniture-mounted rack rails and traditional equipment racks. Wallplates Extron AV wallplates are designed and engineered to blend seamlessly into any AV environment while contributing to overall system reliability and ease of use.

The wallplates fit standard electrical boxes and cable channel systems, and offer professional connectivity and an elegant finish in any installation. They are available in most popular form factors and connectivity configurations, including decorator-style, US-gang size, EU, and MK.

Pre-terminated cables save both time and expense of a skilled in-field technician normally needed to solder or terminate cables. MediaLink components can be quickly connected by matching color-coded cables and signal types for fast and efficient system installation.

These integration-friendly cables are manufactured using Extron superior quality plenum-rated bulk cables and Extron fully machined or durable molded connectors. Each cable undergoes sweep and quality assurance tests in manufacturing. They can receive audio from remote, Dante-equipped digital signal processors over a standard local area network.

They include an advanced, energy efficient Class D amplifier design, and offer several professional integration features. Extron Signal Processors manipulate or process audio signals through various means, such as volume adjustment, mixing between multiple signals, and tone or equalization.

Extron Fiber Optic Bulk Cables are available as laser-optimized multimode or singlemode cables. Their bend-insensitive fiber design enables a tight bend radius with minimal bending loss to simplify installation.

Lighter, smaller in diameter, and more convenient to install than standard coaxial cable, Extron MHR cables provide added convenience while maintaining excellent video performance. Extron VGA Installation Cable offers an excellent solution for any AV application requiring computer-video extension cabling that carries both computer-video signals and ID bits. Most cables are available in plenum and non-plenum versions to meet a wide variety of installation needs.

Using these accessories with Extron bulk cable provides high quality connections and in-field adaptability for handling a wide variety of signal types.

Each system uses economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and includes network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. These standard systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution.

All that remains is to add the display device and sources. The system provides a line level output for use with Extron amplifiers and speakers. This VoiceLift series of products includes a wireless pendant microphone, wireless handheld microphone, IR receiver, and charging station. The VoiceLift Microphone is designed and manufactured by Extron Electronics and includes a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Each custom system can be created to meet your exact needs using the online TeamWork System Builder.

TeamWork is designed for ease of installation with virtually any furniture system, new or currently in use. Optional enclosures and mounting hardware are available to facilitate different collaboration table or work surface designs. TeamWork Systems are ideal for corporate and education applications that require a reliable, easy-to-use collaboration system that adapts to evolving collaboration needs.

ShareLink Systems The Extron ShareLink Series Wireless Collaboration Gateway enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on a display, transforming any meeting room into a collaboration space. It also includes a moderator mode to ensure only approved content is displayed. In spaces with sight line concerns, slides can be viewed on a personal device via a Web browser. Control Systems Powerful touchpanels with faster processing and more memory, available in sizes from 3.

Digital Video Products for full digital-to-digital HDMI switching and distribution, including signal extenders, converters, and cables. DVI Products for full digital-to-digital DVI switching and distribution, including signal extenders, converters, and cables.

XTP Systems Flexible, reliable systems that support multi-format switching and management of local and remote AV devices. Receivers Long distance extension of video, audio, and control over a shielded CATx cable.

Fibre Optics Long haul transmission of high-resolution video, audio, and control signals over fiber optic cable Distribution Amplifiers Distribution and long haul transmission of AV and RS signals over fiber optic cable Switchers Switching and long haul transmission of AV and RS signals over fiber optic cable.

Bulk Cables Multimode and singlemode fiber optic cables for AV signal distribution over a fiber optic infrastructure. Cable Assemblies Factory terminated multimode and singlemode fiber optic cables for distribution of AV signals. Fiber optic transmitters and receivers extend AV and control signals extreme distances up to 30 km The switchers also offer other integrator-friendly features including input cable equalization and multiple control points, simplifying integration into a wide variety of AV applications.

They are also used to integrate audio signals by embedding stereo audio into an HDMI signal, or de-embedding audio from an HDMI signal for playback on a sound system. Choose from an extensive line of products that offer best-in-class performance, provide professional AV control capabilities, and are built for convenient installation and integration.

EDID Minder, an Extron exclusive technology, ensures that sources power up properly and reliably output content. They are designed and manufactured to stringent standards to provide high performance transmission of digital video, audio and CEC- Consumer Electronics Control signals. These extenders support data rates up to 2.

All models feature input equalization to improve signal transmission distances and automatic output reclocking to ensure signal integrity, and select models also provide immunity to SDI and HD-SDI pathological signal patterns.

BT and BT They are ideal for AV presentation applications, as well as small video production and post-production systems. The Extron SMX System MultiMatrix is a multi-plane matrix switcher that combines multiple, independent matrix switchers in a modular, field-reconfigurable frame.

It produces excellent image quality at highly efficient bit rates with low latency Interfaces Digital Video Interfaces Extron Digital Video Interfaces are used to integrate digital signals into existing analog environments. This allows a mixture of both analog and digital signals within an AV system. Computer-Video Interfaces Extron manufactures two major categories of computer-video interfaces.

Dedicated interfaces are designed to operate with only one type of computer or graphics adapter while universal interfaces operate with multiple types of computer signals, including a mix of analog and digital signals.

Architectural Series Interfaces Extron Architectural Series of computer-video interfaces are designed as system solutions for permanent installations. Typically, these interfaces mount in walls, shelves, podiums, tables, or the floor. Interface Cables Extron interface cables include breakout and buffer cables designed to connect from an interface to a local monitor or laptop computer.

This allows displays, switchers, source devices, screen control systems, and lighting systems to be networked together for centralized management and operation by the control system.

They can be used to cycle power on a "frozen" AV device or be configured to turn ON or OFF the device at scheduled times for security and energy savings. Large-scale matrix switchers are also available in custom sizes up to x and larger through the Extron Matrix 1K Switcher Program. Equipped with the essential features common to Extron matrix switchers, Extron Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers deliver highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV and control signals for any mission-critical environment.

They deliver all the core functionality of an AV system including high performance matrix switching, scaling, comprehensive audio DSP, a choice of energy efficient watt Class D mono or stereo audio power amplifiers, a built-in Extron IPCP Pro control processor for complete AV system control, as well as integrated extension of video, audio, and control signals up to feet meters over a shielded CATx cable.

Additionally, the fully featured presentation matrix switchers support 4K switching for streamlined integration with the latest 4K sources and displays. Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers The Extron Twisted Pair matrix switchers work in conjunction with Extron twisted pair transmitters and receivers to provide simplified routing and control of signals ranging from RGBHV to composite video or S-video and stereo audio using twisted pair cable.

Ultra-wideband RGB Matrix Switchers Extron ultra-wideband RGB matrix switchers are designed to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high resolution computer-video and audio routing systems. They range in sizes of 3x2 up to 16x16, and include a wide variety of features.

Media Presentation Media Presentation Matrix Switchers combine routing for multiple formats - VGA, composite video, S-video, and stereo audio - in a single, compact enclosure. Scaling Matrix Switchers Extron Scaling Matrix Switchers combine high performance signal processing with matrix switching to provide optimized image quality, quick and reliable switching, and routing flexibility in one box.

A scaling matrix switcher is the ideal solution for multi-display videoconferencing and presentation environments such as boardrooms conference rooms, houses of worship, and auditoriums. They range in sizes of 4x2 up to x, and include a wide variety of features. They range in sizes of 3x2 up to x, and include a wide variety of features. Audio Matrix Switchers Extron Audio matrix switchers are designed to route balanced or unbalanced audio signals.

They range in sizes of 8x8 up to x, and include a wide variety of features. Matrix Switcher Accessories Extron Matrix Switcher Accessories include a variety of intuitive user control interfaces designed for easy mounting in any application. From simple remote control to full X-Y input and output selection, Extron manufactures matrix switcher control options to match any system design and remote switching requirement.

Additional accessory products are available to support installation and signal distribution. Each model is equipped with two bidirectional RS ports, two relays, one IR port, and one digital input.

The magnetically-attached faceplates hide the mounting screws and, combined with rounded corners and beveled edges, gives the controllers a refined, stylish appearance. They feature sleek, new looks with redesigned backlit buttons and magnetically-attached faceplates that hide the mounting screws and configuration ports, giving the controllers a refined, uncluttered appearance.

All models include unidirectional RS and IR display control, discrete ON and OFF display power controls, and dual color, backlit buttons that can be custom labeled for easy identification. The compact control panels offer backlit soft touch buttons for a contemporary look and feel.

MLC 60 Series controllers provide control capabilities for common AV functions including display power, input switching, and volume control. They standardize the interface for all display systems, making them easier to use, set up, and maintain.

They include an assortment of AAP-Architectural Adapter Plates, remotes, faceplates, mounting brackets, and junction boxes. They include ceiling mounting plates, various projector mounting kits, projector mount poles in assorted lengths, and the UPB Universal Projector Mounting Bracket. Pole Mount Kits Pole Mount kits are used in conjunction with projector mount poles to integrate one or more AV devices above the projector into classroom and meeting room environments.

Under-Desk Mounts The Extron Under-Desk Mounts include products designed to integrate 1U high, quarter-, half-, or full-rack width two- or four-piece enclosure products such as universal interfaces, switchers, distribution amplifiers, and twisted pair products under a table, desk, or other flat surfaces. Rack-Shelf Mounts Rack Shelf Mounts include products designed to integrate 1U or 2U high, quarter-rack, half-rack, or full-rack width 3.

Also included in this category are Blank Rack Panels and Rack False Faceplate Kits that provide rack color uniformity by filling gaps between Extron rack-mountable products with matching Extron gray rack panels as well as black panels.


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