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Printed in The Netherlands. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Figure 1. The following international symbols are used on the Fluke 43B and in this manual: Read the safety information in Double Insulation Page 8: Current Probe Before using, inspect the test leads for mechanical damage and replace damaged test leads!

If it is likely that safety has been impaired, turn the Fluke 43B off and disconnect it from the line power. The matter should then be referred to qualified personnel.

The opening screen will appear on the display see Figure 3. Note If the Fluke 43B does not turn on, the batteries may be dead. Leave the Fluke 43B connected to the outlet for 15 minutes and try again.

Opening Screen The screen shows which test leads or probes you should use on the inputs. Page Inputs COM. Use these inputs for all voltage measurements, and for Ohm, continuity, diode capacitance and temperature measurements. Open the main menu. Shows dips and surges as short as one cycle.

Page 14 Fluke 43B can perform power measurements on balanced 3-phase, 3- conductor power systems. The load must be well balanced and have either a wye or delta configuration. This makes it possible to measure 3 phase power using single phase connections.

The results are plotted on the screen as a graph. In both modes Fluke 43B plots a trend of up to two electrical parameters over time. In Record mode the analyzer plots a wide variety of parameters, depending on the function that is active when the Record pushbutton is pressed. Page 17 At the end of 4-minutes, the plot will compress to half-screen and the time scale changes to 8 minutes. The average values are recalculated.


Fluke 43B User Manual


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