A collection of costume and fashion sketches made by Jean Cocteau and influencing Chanel. Thames and Hudson- Design — pages. Fornasetti During this long career he established an enduring reputation as a designer with a style that was distinctly his own—a style based on illusion, architectural perspectives, and a host of personal leitmotifs, such as the sun, Fornasetti worked in almost every medium, so he is hard to categorize. Today his work seems more contemporary and is more dresms than ever.

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May Collection from Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc. Diameter: 10 inches. Reference: Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams, Patrick Mauries, Page , colour illustration of the complete set of twelve, the author writes, Astronomical Plates, a set of twelve made in Fornasetti looked at astronomy in 17th-century terms when it was not distinguished from astrology. Please enjoy our new Fornasetti catalogue.

This is a small sampling of our collection of works by Piero Fornasetti. The full collection can be seen on our website-Vandekar. Reference: Fornasetti: The Complete Universe, Barnaba Fornasetti, Page for examples of design and two preparatory watercolours made in These plates were designed and executed for building contractor Andrea Brenta, Milan, as Christmas presents.

Reference: Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams, Patrick Mauries, Page , where it is mentioned that seventeen were made. While many of the creatures are realistically rendered, there are a few fantastic animals as well. Each is also numbered from Reference: Fornasetti: The Complete Universe, edited by Barnaba Fornasetti, page , for a black and white photograph of eight plates with similar elements that were developed as prototypes for this series in We also have an additional nine plates from this amazing and rare series.

Diameter: 9 inches. The set of six plates, numbered , are each decorated with a different set of objects related to different types of bird hunting placed on a faux bois ground.

Strumenti Musicali translates as Musical Instruments. This series was made in Italian, French and English. Piero Fornasetti.

Single plate sold separately. The gold anodized aluminum original tray holds four rectangular appetizer or serving bowls with the Profili Romani design of named ancient Roman busts with a gold rim.

This is one of 18 different patterns in this form. The trays could be shaped for four, six, eight or twelve bowls. This is the very collectible English-language version of The New [Key] to Dreams, a post-Surrealist legend to dream interpretation. If you dream of a mushroom, it may warn of deception Reference: Fornasetti: The Complete Universe, edited by Barnaba Fornasetti, Page , 8 for examples of form-stone-shaped paperweights.

This form was produced in a different designs. Fornasetti was not the only famous artist this company worked with. Andy Warhol produced ads and copy for them as well as decorating their show booths and showroom. Fourteen different designs in all were made. Each plate, bar Corfam, represents an animal that the company used to create hides which they sold to high-end clients in the shoe and handbag business.

Corfam was an artificial leather that was going to be the next big thing!


Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams

Those with academic training and professional credentials in design -- architects particularly -- take umbrage at others who simply hang out a shingle and call themselves "designers. Like many important artists, Fornasetti, who was born in Milan in and died there in , had difficulty with the art establishment. His biography indicates that although he entered the Brera Academy at age 20 to study drawing, he was expelled two years later for insubordination. His most emblematic designs make a conscious effort to fool the eye and generally reject obedience to any rules of order. The surface of the piece, called Architettura -- actually one of an edition of 20 produced in the s the original is in the Victoria and Albert Museum -- is applied with decorative elements taken from 17th and 18th Century drawings of classical Roman architecture. When its doors are opened, we see interiors that correspond to the buildings portrayed on the outside of the piece.





Fornasetti, designer of dreams



Fornasetti : designer of dreams


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