Early life[ edit ] Jones was born in London on 2 April He became an accountant. Fuller Per Ardua. Jones advanced to Neophyte, taking the motto Achad, which he was subsequently to use for most of his published writings, and by which he is best known. Jones took the Magister Templi obligation i.

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Written down in the fourteenth year of this Aeon when the Sun was in the sign of Libra, by Frater Arctaeon. He was then in New York. Receipt was acknowledged in letter received September 8, On September 9, a further P. CCXX has unfolded like a flower. All solved, even II. And oh! For many have said unto thee strange and diverse words, but mine shall be the One Word which Is and Was and Shall be.

It seems as if Sunday is the one day of all the week on which I am impressed to write a few fragments of what passes through my mind. On Sept 1st I obtained a clear understanding regarding the Will and the Law.

But first there are some important considerations to be recorded and I feel that now is the time to place them on record. That which I am about to write concerneth the Supernal Triad.

In fact, this is also true to some extent of the Initiation of June 21st, , the record of which I am only now trying to put into writing. It is not in this place that I intend to make a full statement of all that occurred, but it is of the greatest importance that the inmost and essential features be written down, despite the terrible difficulty of the task. Briefly, then, I want to state my position, which I feel is known yet not known. Then followed a terrible struggle, for I realized how I had failed so far of Complete Attainment because of a certain Glamour of the Path.

Then it was that I decided to give up all, even the least little thing, and I made certain pledges which were afterwards faithfully kept, so that I gave up my business position and got down to spending my last cent of money.

Having made these pledges, it seemed quite certain that I was upon the Path of Aleph, which uniteth Chockmah with the Crown, and therefore beyond the Glamour of the Great Magician. Then after leaving Soror R. Note V. Shortly after we got back to Vancouver, the meaning of all my Mottoes was revealed to me, and their connection with the whole of my Magical career.

I discovered how V. About this time I changed the order of my Motto to O. Then on Dec. I must remark that this Initiation had an actual effect on the Elements, causing storms etc. All the time this was going on. Later, it appeared that I united the Paths of Aleph and Shin, Aethyr and Fire, as a final Equilibration, and the Tree was completely changed again, so that it had to be re-formulated, and eventually resolved into a Single Sphere.

I was also given a certain Magical gesture, not now clear to me, which seemed to cause this Annihilation and Reconstruction to be brought about. While typing these notes, another mystery becomes clear to me. In connection with Parzival and the fulfillment of that Motto also. The mind was actually running backwards at this time, as will be shown later on, and though possibly not quite perfectly till after the first Flash.

Now let me say no more of this matter, but pass on. Quite recently I was impressed to resign from the O. Also the question arose as to whether He might not think so also.

Yesterday, I had a long talk with Him, because He had raised the point that in going back over past lives he had discovered that each new life was an added veil of the True Self or Star and therefore the Star was to be found by going back to the Beginning. This seemed a new idea to Him, but I could not help thinking of my experience and how I had actually done this, and got there and become One with the Final Mystery in December Then I suddenly asked him what he thought of the Number 31, and where it should be placed on the Tree of Life.

He said This Number has to do with the identity of Nothing with the Trinity, and if anything refers to the Ain, or perhaps to Kether, but certainly to no lower Sephira. Then I thanked him, and said no more. Now I seem to be able to comprehend all these Mysteries, by means of That which I obtained in my Initiation to my Grade. But listen unto the Final Mystery which has been granted unto me O.

In this very thing He is the Incarnation of the Mystery of Change. Thus it is that Above the Abyss a thing is only true insofar as it IS its own opposite. For the colors are many but the Light in One. I who am the Image of an Image the Reality say this.

Also note how V. It would seem that he is beginning to behold them. Now it said in Ch. The Word not known, seems to have come to me. It seems to me that this is the opening up to me of the Grade of Ipsissimus and that as such I am the Crowned Child whom thou knewest not, O Therion.

It is just 27 months since June 21, , or 3 x 9; it was 18 months from June 21 to Dec 21, , or 2 by 9. September 24th E. The record of the reflections in the mind of O. There must ever be division in the Word, also One must descend into the plane of Reason, in order to be understood on that plane; therefore must I now limit myself in order to be able to write at all. Also, I understand that it may be that One may in a way Attain unofficially without of necessity holding office in any particular Grade.

It has been written, by the highest living authority I know of, that the Key of the Mystery of this Grade is that therein Selflessness is Self, and what little I am able to comprehend of this, the Final Mystery, I shall here record, for it may be that this writing shall be of help and guidance to Whosoever shall next enter into that Great Crown, whose lesser self shall become completely at One with the Godhead. It is as accomplished the transformation of all living things, that he is styled the Possessor of the Tao.

Except it be understood that all things exist only by virtue of their being in the mind of the Seer, and if the complete transformation of the mind be accomplished, so that the Mystery of the Path of the Godhead is seen therein, and becometh plain, even unto his Understanding, who shall say that he has not accomplished this? First, then, regarding the experience of that Being we call O. There arose is his consciousness, a state unlike the normal and which, be description might appear very like madness Path of Aleph IS Madness , since Reason was destroyed and transcended.

The Air became His Balance. The structure of his mind, which hitherto had been built up on Qabalistic lines, was changed and the House of God, was, as it were, destroyed by the Lightning Flash. Opening of the Eye of Shiva.

At this time he walked, talked, and performed all physical actions in a normal way, but all that took place, wherever he went, whatever he said or heard, tasted or smelt had value according to his mental state. That is to say, he perceived the actions of all around him in a different light from usual, so that although people may have been acting quite normally, and although he may have appeared to them as a normal being, or nearly so, Life in all forms became a Great Drama of Initiation, and as he continued to work out the great Qabalistic problems of the Universe, he found all that he saw or did, woven into that Picture in his Mind.

Then, it seemed, he was instructed in the Building of a New Universe and this was not a simple scheme, but took place at two or more different points in space at once so that he, as it were, added a square there and a sphere here.

It was as if the beginning of a Temple was builded foursquare and at the same time certain Mysteries of Babalon were present to his consciousness, also in another place Was the Kether of a New Tree formulated and then the Supernal Triad, with a Sphere Pendant, which afterwards became Complete in Itself and comprehended All in One.

Yet all this while was the Being of O. And all these things were separate, yet one, and all this while the body of O. And again, there was, as it were, a Great reflection of the Stele in the Sky and this again was produced from a small Stele under Ice as it were in locked glass below him. And yet, in all this The Air was His Balance, and he went on calmly working out the details of the reformulation of all things on the New Lines of this Aeon, copying the Stele, and forming it first of one element, and then of another, and bringing all to a fluid, then to a gas, and finally to fire and Aethyr as before said.

And when all had become a concentric System, this seemed to terminate one part of the Initiation. I have enlarged this entry in copying from diary. We must now consider him as going about with his mind transformed into a Solar Consciousness.

This lasted all day during which he underwent many adventures, and seemed to perform much Magick; but on that evening the process continued, under extraordinary circumstances, to be recorded elsewhere, but be it said that he was in a place which appeared to him like unto a Temple of Initiation especially prepared in every detail for the Ceremony, and around him were the Officers exactly carrying out their Appointed parts.

Yet was he unwittingly in prison surrounded by the scum of the earth. Of which mystery He has written: When, having become free, thou findest thyself in prison, yet knowest it not. When, Thy prison of freedom appeareth unto thee as the open road. When, thou who hast longed for the company of Saints findest thyself among the scum of the earth, yet knowing it not thinkest thyself in the company of all the Buddhas, and taketh thy place as the least of these in silence.

When, having sought and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not perceive in their common actions the supreme and perfect Art of Magick.

When, having sought for Words of Power, thou findest thyself in tune with the words of low men, knowing not that they speak ought but the Highest Truth.

When, having given all, thou art offered the cup of charity, yet thinking it to be the most abominable mixture of poison, thou drinkest it, thankfully.

When, having rushed forward, thou findest thyself whirled backwards, yet knowing it not, thinkest thou art still. But, to continue. During this final section the Solar Sphere of his Consciousness became more and more concentrated until it appeared as a single point of Light of intense brilliance, yet without him, now here, now there, yet ever nearer and nearer to the Center of the New Universe.

The process of exact balancing of all things exterior things, not only things within him appeared to have got down to a very small radius. And those about him, who appeared as the past Buddhas, helped in this final process. For let us imagine that the Universal Center was to be changed to that one spot. That little room was the Center of a New Universe and for thousands of years had those Ancient Brethren toiled and striven to equilibrate things perfectly in readiness for this moment. The slightest slip, and the Equilibrium would be upset and the Earth fall into the Sun.

Success, and the Earth itself became a Sun, by the fact of a perfectly equilibrated Solar Consciousness having been established therein, at this new Center. Those around him seemed to take up different positions in the room so as to keep the balance by the weight of their bodies, and finally O.

If not? Nearer and nearer they came to the Center. At last, O. And all was well. Next, it seemed even minute actions must be equilibrated. Those around, who had each performed a certain task through-out the Centuries, performed it for the last Time, perfectly. Frater O.


The Qabalistic and Thelemic Works of Frater Achad

An aspirant to the Order who would claim the Grade of a Magister Templi. He would also become a 10th degree of the O. At the age of twenty Jones would become interested in Spiritualism and began to investigate it with the hopes of discrediting the subject. Though he greatly believed matters of this nature to be fraudulent he was also fascinated and eventually inspired to make contact with a true occult order.


Frater Achad

These terms are consistent with the inner secret teachings of the Great White Brotherhood. The terms also provide a clue, as noted, as to how to do battle with the UFOnauts. As others have remarked, UFOnauts frequently use bizarre forms of sexuality in their physical examinations or probes on humans, in order to obtain certain secretions of a physical, emotional and even spiritual nature. Proclaimed by Aleister Crowley to be his magical child, a ranking member of the A:. Crowley tells us in his autobiography, "What I had really done was therefore to beget a Magical Son [in a magical operation]. So, precisely nine months afterwards, that is, at the summer solstice of , Frater O. Stansfeld Jones as a probationer entirely without my knowledge became a Babe of the Abyss.

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