Buy Study Guide The play begins with a monologue by Wong , the water seller. He explains to the audience that he has heard that a few of the highest-ranking gods are on their way to the city of Setzuan. They have heard the people of the world complaining about life, so they are coming to deal with it. He is waiting at the gate of the city to greet them when they arrive. Soon, the three gods appear and Wong recognizes them immediately.

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Zoloktilar Thank You for Your Contribution! Sistemi di pensiero che accettino il libero arbitrio morale come fondamento non vedrebbero come uno scandalo o una impasse il dualismo tra Shen Te e Shui Ta, pur restando esso stesso comunque problematico.

Keep Exploring Britannica Voltaire. Gods Alaji Marie, who doubled as a street-wise butcher, and Eloisa Cardona, who also doubled as setzyan slimey grasping landlady.

But her kindness is not predicated on giving as good as she gets. Bertolt Brecht gets on his bike But the latter are also those who eventually morph into the bloodsucking bureaucrats that socialist literature harps about. The Good Woman of Setzuan play by Brecht. Thhe 10, Jonfaith rated it really liked it Shelves: But always lurking is a battle of faith, and of good and evil, that tips the apple cart. Dressing up as a man, and inventing another persona for herself, meek, idealistic Shen Te is suddenly capable of being stern and pragmatic.

Crossness is just a way of being inefficient. Accessed June 12, I liked the irony and the way it maked me think about different topics. Thomson, Peter and Glendyr Sacks, eds. So selflessness or adhering to Christian morality is most definitely rewarded. And neither Shen Te, nor Shui Ta, can do both. She feeds more people than she can afford to, without them giving back in any way. Written in the midst of the Great Depression, this Brecht play comments on the way Capitalism makes goodness an impossibility.

They decide to give her some money and keep an eye on her to see how she gets along. I brexht tell what occured: Had the depression not struck, the Weimar Republic, in spite of its numerous and powerful enemies, may well have survived. Her neighbors and friends prove so brutal in their filling of their bellies wpman Shen Teh is forced to invent an alter ego to protect herself: I do not want to calculate the cost.

Basically, this production was staged more or less as a traditional play except that it was set in a very small space, with the audience, set and actors on top of tje other. Related Articles


The Good Woman of Setzuan

This title was a play on words, since the German term for "true love" Die wahre Liebe is pronounced the same way. The theme of qualitative " goodness " which seemed so simple and obvious in the title of the play is rendered unstable by application to both genders, as Shen Teh realizes she must operate under the guise of both in order to live a good life. Plot summary[ edit ] The play opens with Wong, a water seller, explaining to the audience that he is on the city outskirts awaiting the foretold appearance of several important gods. Soon the gods arrive and ask Wong to find them shelter for the night. They are tired, having travelled far and wide in search of good people who still live according to the principles that they, the gods, have handed down. Instead they have found only greed, evil, dishonesty, and selfishness. The same turns out to be true in Szechwan: no one will take them in, no one has the time or means to care for others — no one except the poor young prostitute Shen Teh, whose pure inherent charity cannot allow her to turn away anyone in need.





The Good Woman of Setzuan Summary




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