They first stayed at Peshawar for about eighteen years, then moved to Multan and lastly settled down at Delhi. There, Saeed obtained a B. Pharmacy degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in medicinal chemistry in Before , Hakeem Saeed was also involved in the Pakistan Movement activities. In , after his doctorate degree, Saeed joined the Sindh University as the associate professor of pharmacy and taught courses in organic chemistry. In , Saeed resigned from his position because of differences with the Federal government.

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His forefathers and family had been associated with the herbal medicine business, and had established the Hamdard Waqf Laboratories which today has emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of Unani medicines in the world. Saeed attended the local school where he learned Arabic, Persian, Urdu , English and studied the Quran. At age 18, Hakim passed the university entrance test and went on to attend the University of Delhi in There, Saeed obtained a BPharm and B.

In , Said attended the post-graduate course, and obtained MPharm in Pharmacy from the same institution. Following the Partition and establishment of Pakistan, Saeed left his hometown with his wife and daughter. He established Hamdard Laboratories and served as its first director until his death in D in Pharmacy, then returned to Pakistan to devote his life to medicine research.

Having established the Hamdard Laboratories in , Saeed was one the driving force in Pakistan for engaging the research in medical biology and medicines. In , after his doctorate, Saeed joined the Sindh University as the associate professor of Pharmacy and taught courses in organic chemistry.

In , Saeed resigned from his position due to amid differences with the Federal government. Said criticized the General, saying, "General Burkie used to say that Eastern medicine and homeopathy were quackery". Bait-al-Hikmah the Library is also a constituent part of Madinat-al-Hikmah. This is one of the biggest and best-stocked libraries of Pakistan.

Besides writing travelogues of countries he visited, he also wrote books especially for youth and children. Said participated in various international conferences on medicine, science, education and culture and traveled widely to many countries of the world.

While in Pakistan he organized numerous international and national conferences on topics of prime importance. Said created two widely attended national forums: Hamdard Shura for leaders of public opinion and Naunehal Assembly for children. He held offices and memberships in dozens of national and international organizations related to education and health care. He launched two journals, Hamdard Medicus and Hamdard Islamicus.

Hamdard-e-Sehat, which was already being published under his editorship since , also appeared from Karachi in He launched a magazine for young readers, Hamdard Naunehal, and established a separate division, Naunehal Adab, for producing quality books for children.

Idara-e-Said will project and focus the life and works of Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Said, most particularly in the field of science, education and research, medicine and health care.

After the collection of materials related to his life and works, all records will be preserved and displayed in a scientifically arranged and properly managed museum. Idara-e-Said will also initiate research projects leading to the award of post graduate M.

Idara-e-Said will also patronize publications of literature and books written by different authors on the life of Hakim Muhammad Said, his personality, leadership and his endeavors for the propagation and promotion of education and learning.

The first M. Phil degree on the life and works of Said was awarded to Mr. Javed Swati at the Hamdard University convocation He was highly appreciated and is one of the most renowned police officers of Pakistan to this day.

Several MQM workers were arrested and subsequently sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court. Disclaimer: As an encyclopedia, pakpedia. We welcome everyone for corrections and updates, Thank you.


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