Jugor I bought a sony hdr-xrv camcorder. Comes with Sony camera bag and original spare battery. I am able to none batteries with the cable which indicates the cable is good and problem manuql be with the camera female adapter. Using Pb Zoom With Photos It is a little high on price but you get a lot of tech and space for your buck. This tip will guide you to your digital manual and explain how to download it. I used it on a very windy day and that was all it picked up.

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Page 3 Table of contents Using the Handycam Handbook.. Page 6 Useful recording techniques Capturing facial Getting a good shot expressions in dim of a ski slope or light beach Table Page 7 Parts and controls Figures in are reference pages. Insulation sheet Table of Page 15 Read this before Battery pack operating your camcorder Table of Contents Supplied items The numbers in are the Disconnect the You can record or play movies Page 28 Your camcorder starts playing the selected movie.

Page 30 Recording Recording movies Table of Contents In the default setting, movies are recorded with high definition image quality HD on Page 34 Useful functions for recording movies and photos Zooming Table of Contents You can magnify images up to 12 times the Page 41 Playback on the camcorder In the default setting, movies and photos that are recorded on the internal hard disk are If you touch the Displays the Map Index Table of Contents Playback starts from the selected scene.

Example: People wearing glasses or hats, or who The recording dates of images are displayed on the screen. Returns to the To cancel, touch. Table of Contents Playing back a Page 52 Connecting to a high definition TV High definition image quality HD movies are played back with high definition image quality You can do the following operations.

You can Page 63 Protecting recorded movies and photos 4 Touch. Page 68 with the devices to be connected. Page Utilizing recording media Utilizing recording media Changing the Selecting the recording media for photos recording medium You can select the internal hard disk Page 72 Checking the media Deleting all movies information and photos Formatting You can check the remaining recordable Formatting deletes all the ON and the Adjusts the white balance manually.

Color-compliant TV, the color may not ON Prevents redeye. ON and the Adjusts the exposure manually. Otherwise, if you drop the camcorder, Adjust the brightness when the subject is too bright or Turn off your camcorder and The camcorder stops operating. Page The subjects passing by the screen very Playback fast appear crooked. The camcorder is Therefore, the camcorder is taking Check the data base file Page The Image Database File is damaged. Do Reinsert the Memory Stick.

Page Data protected. Release the protection of the data. Table of Contents Useful Recording Internal hard Page Setting to the local time You can easily set the clock to the local time by setting a time difference Page On image data compatibility off. Page Index Symbols Copy Page Table of Contents Useful Recording Techniques Index Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can


Sony Handycam HDR-XR520 Manuals



Sony HDR-XR520V Camcorder User Manual



Sony Handycam HDR-XR500V Owner's Manual



Sony Handycam HDR-XR520V


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