Marta Ortiz ha dicho que… que aparece el hexagrama 24, el trueno exterior se anula a si mismo y queda latente el interior. Un trueno no es primavera, pero la primavera llega siempre. Como un saludo y un nombre siempre es lo correcto Perdona por no haber incluido un saludo y un nombre. Muchas gracias de nuevo.

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Hu Gua hidden influence 39 Obstruction: Innovate Zong Gua underlying cause 57 Penetration: Permeate Success comes when you achieve tranquility in disturbance. The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. If only we could always remain joyous in approaching our fears as we move along our dusty road. Unfortunately we grow complacent and seek security and stasis.

Anything in nature that becomes stagnant will be re-energized by the unexpected. Shock comes — oh oh! Laughing words — ha ha! The Shocking can symbolize the unexpected things that generate emotion and wake us up. It can symbolize the fear of intimacy that is suddenly awakened as stirrings of unexpected love. The underlying cause of Penetration showed a period of rest and concession, but now it is time to stir things up. The hidden influence of Obstruction is always a call to innovate.

Feelings can be rising that are quite unfamiliar but refreshingly new. What worked in the past will no longer do. Something is coming that is unexpected but is meant to awaken you to how you hide. Each day we witness the mutability of nature and fail to recognize it in our own life. No matter the event, the pace may quicken and you may suddenly find your heart racing and a smile on your face.

Thunderstorms are born of the same rattling sounds - and promises. Hence, follows the idea of the Arousing or shocking Thunder. When you are stuck in a transformational process, Shocking events come to release you from stagnation, but do not forget that you hold the key and the power to transform. This is called tranquility in disturbance. Tranquility in disturbance means perfection. Understanding the necessity of what transpires, fear and trembling give way to tranquility and faith in the way.

In the natural world, a baby albatross will leave the comfort and safety of its nest on an island. Before it can fly, it must venture into the ocean like a duck, paddling to achieve the momentum necessary for flight. At the same time, tiger sharks will swarm in the shallows, seeking their opportunity for sustenance.

Those frightened enough to attempt what they have never tried before, will fly. That part of you that has remained dormant will resurface in the image of quaking and excited rain. The shocking always comes as the event necessary to transform fear into new life: it is fundamental to your survival. This is called the Double Injury and of those who sustain it, none live out their natural span.

The shocking is the good fortune that can awaken you to self-destructive tendencies. Holding yourself in contempt for harboring natural urges, you may intellectualize taboos that go against your base nature. In proportion to how critical you have become of others, you will recognize the severity of your inner critic.

When you believe others are judging you, only turn inward to see how you judge yourself. A situation only becomes favorable when one adapts to it. The kind man discovers it and calls it kind. The wise man discovers it and calls it wise. The people use it day by day and are unaware of it. Whatever is removed makes room for something meaningful to grow in its place.

As the image of an earthquake, the ground gives way to loosen what you held to be solid and precious. In dreams, natural disasters always show how the inner foundation must continuously be renewed. Whatever the event, you are released of the structures that have become the tower and prison of your real nature.

Something shocking or reinvigorating is in the air. Because it is unchanging, its unpredictability is specifically what it will take to wake you up from your slumber. One who believes they can ward off love will suddenly find themselves smitten. Another who thinks they can keep lying to themselves about an unfulfilling job may suddenly be forced to switch careers. Fear may go along with the ride but if you trust how nature is always purposeful as it regenerates, you need not worry.

This is a situation where you may look back and see the hand of providence with a smile. The fact that someone thinks they can ward off change is exactly why change happens. Line 1 Shock comes-oh, oh! Then follow laughing words-ha, ha! Changes to 16 Enthusiasm. Change is in the air and while it may at first appear that something bad is happening, you will discover it has reawakened your lost passion.

Like children laughing in enthusiastic fear on a roller coaster ride, the amusement park is coming to you. Line 2 Shock brings danger. A hundred thousand times you lose your treasures and climb the nine hills. Changes to 54 Propriety. You may find yourself in a situation that has trapped you because you are doing what you thought was expected of you.

Events can transpire in a shocking way to set you free. Whatever you think you are losing will come back to you. The steps you were taking to move in one direction can be suddenly halted as you are swept up and placed on a different path. What is valuable and meant for you is never threatened. Changes to 55 Abundance. An unexpected situation may be causing you concern but it forces you to take action. The change to Abundance is a positive message about reconnecting with fulfillment.

Whatever is unfolding will lead you to take the necessary action that will lead you from stagnation. Changes to 24 Return. Some people are so deeply mired in selfish thinking that nothing can wake them from their prison.

Return can be a message that rather than focus on others, do what is right for you. Changes to 17 Following. This can be a situation where everyone is over reacting. There can be a lot of emotional fireworks and button pushing although nothing is done to improve the situation.

Following can show how others react to you and how you react to them in an endless circle. If you want to succeed stop reacting and make the necessary changes. Discussion of union brings gossip. Changes to 21 Biting Through. If you are in an anxious condition about a decision then it is probably better not to do anything just yet.

Clarity is lost because fear is running rampant. Too much time focusing on how others view you or what they are doing is not a fulfilling way to live. You need to use discernment rather than judgment in this situation. Once you can settle your fear and return to your own center, you will know which is the proper course to take. One can be overly concerned about what others think of a partner.



Marta Ortiz ha dicho que… Eso suena a Tengo dudas que no pude aclarar respecto a una consulta que hice. No se si interpretar estas lineas como un consejo para mi o si me hablan de la actitud de esta persona. Marta Ortiz ha dicho que… Hola laura, "las intenciones de una persona hacia mi?



El agua y la montaa en lo Macrocsmico son signos de pureza y serenidad. Junto a Chen, el movimiento de Dios en el mundo, entregan la idea de un signo altamente espiritual. Hay una lectura solamente espiritual de este signo, como de los otros duales, que aqu no hemos incluido - aspectos exterior e interior: Stephen Karcher y Rudolf Ritsema extrado de su libro: I Ching, el clsico orculo chino [Comentario de la situacin consultada en referencia a tu proceso interior y el mundo exterior al que te enfrentas. Rene material de la 8 Ala y un texto de la Dinasta Han Las extensas discusiones en la Sala del Tigre Blanco] Conmocin: el trueno se eleva desde abajo, sacudiendo y suscitando las cosas para que asciendan.


Hexagrama 51. Lo Suscitativo. El despertador



Hexagrama 51, CHEN: Lo suscitativo, la conmoción, el trueno


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