Voodoozragore The source you select will be dis- played above the sources received. You must first program the remote to match the remote system of your VCR refer to page 32 for pre-codes. Select Cable mnual you have cable TV. Page 46 This section contains advanced features which will make TV viewing easier and more enjoyable. Adjust Voltage will be hotachi than 37 kV at 1. Sub Brightness Adjustment DP43 2.

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Nekree When mixed together in the proper proportion, the output of these three color tubes can produce any color. Check to make sure you have the following accessories before disposing of the packing material. Set Virtual HD Use this feature to select between i and p. Aspect, On-screen displa y — Hitachi 51F User Manual Before returning an instrument to the customer, always make a safety check of the gitachi instrument, including but not limited to the following items.

Page 75 DP43 3. Press EXIT to quit menu. This remote is designed to operate different types of cable boxes. You must first program the remote to match the remote system of your VCR refer to page 32 for pre-codes. Setup Set Monitor Out Exposure of the viewing screen to prolonged direct sunlight or heat may cause the screen to permanently warp, resulting in a distorted picture. You can independently customize each of the Video Video Inputs to your preference to increase viewing performance and pleasure depending upon the video program being viewed.

ANT A input can be displayed as a main picture or sub-picture. Add to my manuals Add. This function will automatically operate the Projection TV viewing reservation of a program.

Menu Background This function allows you to choose from manuxl menu backgrounds. Horizontal Position Adjustment DP43 2. B Move Select Chan. Components marked with a have special characteristics important to safety. Inspect on the circuit board copper side the solder joints then bent flat against the circuit foil. Before servicing instruments covered by this 7. Before servicing this chassis, it mwnual important that the service.

The code to enter the Locks feature is a four digit access code number. ANT A input can be viewed as both the main picture and the sub-picture simultaneously. Set Virtual HD is not available grayed out in i input. If only minor adjustments to convergence are Adjustment procedure needed, the jig screen is not necessary. Completely insert connection cord plugs when connecting to front panel jacks. It can also be used to keep the TV from being viewed for a scheduled time period that you set.

Got it, continue to print. Page 29 Page 30 — Using the remote to control dvd function Important Safety Instructions Continuous on-screen displays such as video games, stock market quotations, computer generated graphics, and other fixed non-moving patterns can cause permanent damage to television receivers.

Before servicing the chassis, it is important that the service technician. Usually caused by interference from automobile ignition systems, neon lamps, electrical drills, and other electrical appliances.

This remote is designed to operate different types of DVD players. Wait 30 seconds and plug the power cord back in. For continued X-Radiation protection, replace picture tube with original type or Hitachi approved equivalent type. To return the picture to motion, press the EXIT button.

DP43 4 Turn the deflection yoke of R or B and set so that the 2. Waveforms taken using a Color Bar signal with H. For continued X-radiation protection, the replacement making test measurements. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Be advised that and align onto the bottom cabinet. For best performance, video cables should use Ohm coaxial shielded wire.

Page 26 Sound reproduction quality enhancement system. ANT B can only be viewed as a main picture. Page 4 Check to make sure you have the following accessories before disposing of the packing material. STEP 9 Re-install the joint connector bolts 4 pcs. Depending on the input signal format received, the picture format ratio allows you to adjust the images through the following options.

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