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Powerful Measurement Management The A combines superb analog measuring capability with equally powerful measurement management. More than readings or whole measurement sequences can be stored in the A for convenient and fast measurement throughput. The present dmm setup can be stored in the non-volatile state memory for convenient reconfiguration of the dmm. The power of total electronic calibration, including AC volts, makes it easy to maintain instrument performance.

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Its main drawback is the LCD display! HP LCD display protocol spying I used 2 floppy drive disk ribbon cables to get a straight extension in order to connect my Saleae logic analyser. Then I tried to understand the HP LCD protocol this was far from trivial, because the data for one digit are scattered at various places in the transmission frame.

But I succeeded and was able to decode the digits with an ATMega Mechanical considerations Second biggest problem was to add the two points and the comma between each digit.

I initially though about using some really small LED 14 digit display and use some discrete LED between each digit, with eg some 3D printed light pipes.

But there were two new problems with this solution: the smallest display I found are 10mm width there are 12 digits, and the DMM window is about mm with - meaning that there is absolutely NO room for some LED between each digit. So I thought about another solution: machine the displays to remove about 0. The board are single side PCB, so that I can easily engrave them at home. I will publish the schematics and some detailed explanations if there are some interests in that! Below are the boards just drilled and cut on my CNC machine.

And here is the board just before engraving: Assembly The 3 boards after mounting all the components: The hardest part was to solder the miniature LEDs, especially the comma, because normally these LEDs are designed to be mounted horizontally, but I mounted them vertically


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