Place: A barge on the Seine in Paris. Time: He agrees but does not join them because she refuses his kiss. Luigi, a stevedore, dances with her, and it is evident that there is something between them. Soon the conversation turns into a fight.

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Writer and librettist Giovacchino Forzano convinced Puccini to change his mind and create not only one opera but three one-act operas of different subject and genre.

This would have given Puccini a way to lead his audience into opposing atmospheres, sets and stories during the same show. The composition, started in , was stopped to make time for another work, La Rondine , for which Puccini was under contract and resumed only in The premiere was supposed to happen at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome but due to the war that could not be possible.

The setting certainly reminds of the verismo era: the slums of Paris, the banks of the Seine, the dock workers. In choosing such a subject now, Puccini manages to extend the Verdian idea of being at the service of the drama while retaining the sheer tragedy of the Verismo. The suspect is founded: Giorgetta is in love with Luigi, a young unloader who every evening, recalled by the faint glow of a lit match, reaches her shielded by darkness. But when he tries to hold her in his arms, his wife retracts with a pretext.

Then she retires to her room waiting for her husband to follow her and fall asleep, in order for her to be able to then meet with Luigi. Attracted by the light signal, Luigi leaps to the barge; but Michele jumps on top of him, immobilizing him; when he recognizes him, he grabs him by the throat, forces him to confess his love and strangles him. Then he wraps the lifeless body inside his cloak.

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Il tabarro

The nursing sister sick nurse sister — mezzo-soprano The alms sisters — sopranos The lay sisters — soprano and mezzo-soprano Offstage chorus of women, children, and men The action takes place in a convent in the latter part of the Seventeenth Century. La chiesetta e il chiostro. Nel mezzo della scena, cipressi, una croce, erbe e fiori. Tramonto di primavera. Un raggio di sole batte al disopra del getto della fonte.


Il Tabarro Libretto



T as in Il Tabarro – Puccini A to Z


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