In late I was approached by a Dupuyer, Montana resident, Mrs Sandy Gregory-Parocai for help with an investigation into a book, Sickened, written by her daughter, Julie Gregory, published world-wide by Random House. Effectively the allegations were that Mrs Gregory invented illnesses in her daughter so that unnecessary, invasive investigations would be undertaken by paediatric cardiac specialists, and furthermore she is alleged to be continuing this general form of abuse against two adopted children whom Mrs Gregory now cares for. Mrs Gregory denies all the allegations. She approached me I believe because, as a freelance investigative journalist specializing in investigations into false allegations of MSBP I am known internationally. This daughter-against-mother allegation is thought to be unique.

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Sickened by Julie Gregory Julie was raised by her schizophrenic father and her abusive mother. Her mother started taking Julie to doctors for medical tests she did not need at a very young age.

In elementary school, Julie began to realize that not all of the symptoms that her mother described were ones she really felt. The medical tests became increasingly invasive as she got older. When he refused, she became enraged. It was not until years later that she found out her parents set it on fire to claim the insurance money.

She sought counseling for her trauma and worked intentionally on her recovery. Most obvious were the doctors and nurses who treated her. She told the nurse that her mom was forcing her to pretend. In response to this revelation, the nurse sedated her and continued with the test. In high school, Julie went to talk to a counselor about emancipation. She told him about all of the abuse.

When she arrived home, she found out that he had told her parents everything she had confided in him. Each time she tried to reach out and get help, her situation got worse in some way. It is my hope that if a child ever reaches out to me in my position in the church, I can get them help without making things worse for them.

Review Breakdown Writing — Overall the writing was above average. At times it got very abstract, but I felt that it was a good glimpse into the mind of a very traumatized person. Story — The story was very morbidly interesting. It had a good pace and kept my interest throughout the entire book.

This is a story I will continue to think about for the weeks to come. Mature Content — There is nearly too much mature content to list.

The author uses abundant profanity and a slew of racial and derogatory slurs. There are also vivid descriptions of terrible abuse. This is certainly not a read for young readers or for the faint of heart. Likability of Author — Reading this book, I wanted the author to win. I wanted her to get away from her parents. Although a reader from a healthier background may be frustrated by some of the decisions she made, I found her to be overall likable.

It was inspiring to me that she was able to move past her abusive situation. Once I picked it up, I did not want to put it down, despite its very mature content. I thought that its adult content offered a glimpse into the life of a severely abusive home.

I will likely be picking up her other book to read more of her story.


Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood



Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood



Sickened : the true story of a lost childhood


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