Unloved by his father and told that his mother is an "evil, godless creature", [3] Sebastian is sent off to Eton where he is teased by his classmates over his appearance. The boy grows up learning to hide his feelings; given no inheritance by his father, Sebastian acquires clever ways to make his fortune and uses money to unscrupulously get his way. Plot The story begins in , Paris. Dain and Jessica are instantly attracted to the other, though each seeks to hide their feelings. Dain has developed a hard, sarcastic personality; he is hostile to noblewomen, as he believes they care only for money. Jessica, a year-old beautiful, strong-willed bluestocking , has refused dozens of marriage proposals over the years and wishes to maintain her independence.

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Mar 26, Dinjolina rated it did not like it I hated this book. I hated the hero. I hated his brat. I hated everybody but the heroine, and her I pitied for having these other morons around. Now I feel like I kicked a puppy because everybody told me to read this book and that it would be wonderful. It was beautifully written, sure. But the characters! And the plot! And most of all-the resolution in the end. Jess was my favourite kind of heroine.

Strong, older, witty, and beautiful. I loved her to no ends. So why in Gods name did she want, and eventually love a moron that liked whores and had so much self issues it was ghastly?!! He was not a tortured hero. He was a hones to God lunatic. He had a few bright moments when he talked nice things in Italian or when he told Jess he would kill himself if she left him.

But even thou that was cute, again I frowned while reading. I mean-what a drama queen! He would kill him self without her, but still he can not show her he loves her? What ever, mister! Eventually he comes to terms with his mothers departure and his son. It was all so unnatural I wanted to scream. She had a lover. She left her kid. End of story. She was not a fortune teller.

How was she supposed to know that she would die on that boat? Comes to care. And all that animosity turns out to be anguish over his own dejected destiny. I hate hate hate when authors just wrap it all up in a nice tight little bow.

I could have stomached his gradual approval of the kid IF the kid became better. But him, the person that likes nobody just falls literally over the kid and oooooh the love is in the air?

And he loves him…why? But not always. Here you have an ill mannered child that does nothing nice he is 8 not 3,he could be less hostile that you did not want. To add to the pile is the fact that he is a son of the woman you hate, a woman that had him on purpose without your knowledge. So, why? Yes, he is a kid. And all kids are kind of nice.

But how can you just do this big jump start all at once, even thou it changes all your former beliefs? People just do not have these kind of epiphanies. Ah now the kid. First of all I hate all brats in stories. So the whores take precautions when having sex for money? Dude, why not help her? Take your penis out. Well, all of our girly lives people say how men have needs.

Sure, women have them also. Not that men care. We do not talk about what women need. Well, why? Why do men have to have sex all the darn time? I think this is just one of those thing that are set in stone. A long time ago women were nothing more then possession. And even today we have a dogma that tells us males have to have sex or they die.

So if you are having a bath ,or out of time to visit your grandmother the man can have sex with other women because he has urges. Yes, some men are fateful. And if they are fateful —God are you lucky! So in the Lord of Scoundrels we can not blame Lord Dein. He had urges. One of them was to ejaculate multiple times in to a woman from his village that he shared with a friend.

You just have to like him, no? Yes, you all gasped now. Here I have gone and done it. I said I do not like the boy. Well he was horrible!! Sure, the poor thing was unhappy and had an greedy mother. Dein, who does not know how to pull his penis out before ejaculating, put him in a safe little home? A school? And no, I do not think he should have taken him in. First of all he did not want him. I know you should want all parts of you But kids are ultimately just dna splatters.

And if you are tricked in to having a kid even thou it is not the kids fault-why should you be held responsible? Why do authors think the only right thing is to take the kid in? There are childless marriages out there between people that would want him! Sure, the kid is not the one whose fault this is. And at that my heart aches a bit. Because he was unwanted by his parents. But being a father is a feeling. A deed. Being a parent has nothing to do with dna.

People just kind of skip over this all the time. The author tries to make a Oprah moment out of this saying that he was neither pretty by face nor by nature. Well, some people even children are just not lovable. This kid was not lovable. And he needed a good spanking.

If they took him in the should have semi-killed him first. Yes, give him love. After he learned his lesson! And that lesson is -do not be a monster! He had an ugly personality and the authors nice little comment about how he will be clay in his father hands is disgusting!

Next we have the kids mother and her lover. The mother was given money and a chance to live again because she was just a kid herself. And Jess kind of pitied her. Why should anybody, even for one minute, like this girl? She was a moron, a whore usually we have whores that did the whoring because they are hungry etc. She liked whoring and she was greedy. I have no nice feelings for her.


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