Kezahn Hi, maybe a daft question but when pre booking a child when does the age apply when they turn 16 half korien through the year? User Login Login User Name: Mystic Claws Claws count as small melee weapons for the purpose of delivering the following effects or poisons: The Spring Moot — Child Ticket This frust replaces and includes Advanced Armour Repair and allows the character to restore the AV of all locations on one target to full in two minutes. New Occupational Skills The character must gain permission from the Guild to use their facilities. Wish to link more?

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Look on these as professional bodies representing the core professions of the world. Whereas the more basic skills can be learned by almost anyone with relative ease, more complex skills are often easier learned via a guild or by seeking out an appropriate independent trainer in-game; Be warned though, some skills may only be learned by a limited number of people each year, so competition may be fierce. The vast majority of manufacturing takes place in guild facilities, using materials sourced from those guilds.

History Erdreja has existed for thousands of years, and we have been playing our game in it since Many characters devote much time and effort to exploring the ancient history of the world. When our game started being played in , Erdreja had just emerged from a time of great conflict, with an agreement to end the mass bloodshed, with the grievances between nations being tackled at an annual meeting called The Gathering, held at the end of August bank holiday.

If agreement could not be reached peacefully, then the attendees at The Gathering would settle the matter with an honour battle.

Events Since The Gathering first started, a need was identified for prelude events each year to allow people to prepare for the upcoming Gathering, which is why we now hold a Spring Moot early May bank holiday weekend and Summer Moot early in the summer holidays each year in advance of The Gathering.

These are separated by a more light-hearted event called the Great Erdrejan Fayre, held on the late May bank holiday weekend. For more details of events in our world of Erdreja, please go to Events. Calendar The passage of time in Erdreja is marked in a similar method to the real world, with the same days of the week and months of the year. Currency Erdreja has a globally accepted currency, the gold coin.

One gold coin consists of 4 stell or silver , each of those then consisting of 4 quarters or copper. Now also a large coin called the Taal which is worth 4 Gold. When you book for an LT main event, as well as receiving your ticket and character, you will also receive a small amount of this currency. Once you get to an event, you will find all manner of ways to earn further currency, and to invest what currency you already have. Magical Items Erdreja contains thousands of magical items.

There are scrolls, potions, poisons, weapons, armour, shields, clothing, trinkets and other ephemera. You can purchase them using our currency, you can earn them as a reward, you can steal them, you can make them yourself at a guild or in the ritual circle. There are magically enhanced creatures, and with some effort in-game it is possible for your character to become one.

Sometimes a faction is a single nation, sometimes it is an alliance of nations, but always it is a union of like-minded individuals and groups. There may well be political machinations within a faction; There will always be an external diplomatic agenda being pursued between factions. Every character is usually a member of one of the factions — a few may change from one faction to another, but most are staunchly loyal from cradle to grave.

If you are unsure as to which faction you should join, you will find descriptions of all of the factions here. So where do I start? Once you have chosen the faction that you would like to be a member of, you need to consider the kind of character that you would like to play.

Would you like to play a warrior, someone who specialises in using weapons and wearing armour? Would you like to play a mage, casting spells and looking to the warriors as people both to defend and for you to aid? Would you like to play a scholar or a scout, seeking knowledge and using it to your advantage?

Would you like your character to be a human, or a dwarf, or an elf, or something even more unusual? As a new player you are entitled to a discounted first event along with some in game incentives. You do not need to spend them all at once, you may save as many or as few as you like. Rune This document contains lots of information about the events, news from factions, guilds.

It also contains announcements and so forth. Download Rune This document contains lots of information about the events, news from factions, guilds.


LT OSP Field Guide




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