Upon receiving his B. In , his arm was injured during an airplane crash in Guam. He eventually returned to active duty, but the injury gave Keyhoe persistent trouble, and, as a result, he retired from the Marines in He then worked for the National Geodetic Survey and U.

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It is utterly true. We can document every occurrence reported here. It is our sober, considered conviction that the conclusion arrived at in this story is a fact, that Keyhoe, who sums up the flying-saucer evidence for TRUE after sharing in the investigation that made this story possible, writes with twenty-five years of experience in observing aeronautical developments.

A Naval Academy graduate, Pensacola-trained in aviation, he flew in active service with the Marine Corps, managed the U. He has lectured and written extensively; of the many notable articles he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. After eight months of intensive investigation, the following conclusions have been reached by True Magazine: 1.

For the past years, the planet Earth has been under systematic close-range examination by living, intelligent observers from another planet. There is reason to believe, however, that some other race of thinking beings is a matter of two and a quarter centuries ahead of us. Such an advance which the Air Force has convincingly denied would require an almost incredible leap in technical progress even for American scientists and designers.

They have long since been fully accepted by informed authorities. After the first flurry of excitement attending the sightings of the so-called disks or saucers in July, , various explanations were put forward: hoax, hallucination, hypnosis, weather balloons, the planets Neptune, Venus, or Mercury, and optical illusions.

Some hoaxes and mistakes naturally occurred; such things usually follow highly publicized events. But none of these explanations will stand up in the important, most authentically reported cases. However, most people were satisfied, and the great flying-disk mystery was generally forgotten. An important magazine published two strangely inconclusive and contradictory articles, stated to have been prepared with the co-operation of the Air Force, purporting to dismiss the disks as of no basic significance.

In two fields, however, interest in the strange phenomena rose instead of declining. Today they are receiving and evaluating sighting reports at the rate of twelve a month.

Various scientists, thinking independently, began to search the records of the past. They discovered reports of strange, air-borne, disklike objects in the sky as far back as They began to ponder the tremendous implications of that discovery. There was fortunately a good deal of current material with which to work. About p. At , state police alerted Fort Knox, as the disk appeared to be heading in that direction. Fifteen minutes later, an observer in the Godman Air Base tower, ninety miles from Madisonville, saw the disk over the field.

It appeared to be hovering and was clearly seen by most of the officers on the base. At times it gave off a reddish glow. The commanding officer on the base, Colonel Guy F. Hix, ordered radio contact made with a flight of three Fs passing over Fort Knox, near Godman Field, en route to Louisville.

The flight was led by Captain Thomas F. Mantell, Jr. Mantell called in shortly and reported contact with the thing. Mantell reported that the thing was climbing and making speed equal to his, which he said was m. In broken clouds at 18, feet, the other two ships lost sight of Mantell and could not find him again.

After five minutes, they broke off and landed at Godman. At , Mantell called in to say that he was not gaining on the object and that if he were no closer when he reached 20, feet, he would abandon the chase.

This was reasonable because the F was carrying no oxygen. That was the last heard from Captain Mantell. His body was found near Fort Knox, and the wreckage of his plane was scattered for half a mile around him. Obviously, the ship had disintegrated in mid-air. Later that day, a similar disk — in all probability, the same one—was sighted over Lockbourne Air Force Base at Columbus, Ohio.

Confusing, contradictory explanations followed the Fort Knox affair. Papers carried stories that the mysterious visitor had been a balloon half obscured by clouds. The magazine article prepared with Air Force aid said the object was Venus.

Then the Air Force denied this answer. The magazine had an out. An alternate guess was that Mantell and his pilots had chased a Navy cosmic-ray research balloon. This was widely repeated by readers unfamiliar with balloons. Few thought to check the speeds and distances involved.

Cosmic-ray balloons are not powered; they are set free, to drift with the wind. To fly the ninety miles from Madisonville to Fort Knox in thirty minutes, a balloon would have required a wind of m. After traveling at this hurricane speed, the balloon would then have had to come to a dead stop, in order to hover over Godman Field for more than an hour.

As the Fs approached, it would have had to speed up again to m. This writer, as a Navy-trained balloon pilot, as well as a Marine Corps airplane pilot, is reasonably familiar with free drifting balloons. The three fighter pilots chased the mysterious object for half an hour — Mantell for thirty-five minutes.

I have several times chased balloons with a plane, overtaking them in seconds. The only way to have eluded him would have been through lightninglike maneuvers — impossible for even the fastest dirigible, let alone an unpiloted free balloon. By the same token, the thing reported flying at m. Even if there had been several balloons in this general area and there were not, by official record they could not have covered the courses reported. In some instances, they would have been flying against the wind, at terrific speed.

Captain Mantell was a wartime pilot, trained to identify a distant enemy plane in a split second. The vision of all three pilots was excellent.

In broad daylight, they could not fail to identify a balloon during their thirty-minute pursuit. But even if that reason is ignored, the object could not possibly have been a balloon. The fast flight from Madisonville, the abrupt stop and hour-long hovering at Godman Field, then the quick bursts of speed the pilots recorded make it completely impossible. Then what was the mysterious object?

Both the Air Force report and the authorized magazine version speculate that Mantell carelessly let himself black out from lack of oxygen, after which his plane dived out of control and went to pieces. At 25, feet he is presumed to have blacked out. His pilotless plane is pictured as going on up to 30, feet, then diving at full power and tearing itself apart. Since some public explanation had to be given, this might seem a good answer. But Mantell was known for cool-headed judgment.

As a wartime pilot, he was familiar with the signs of approaching anoxia oxygen starvation. That he knew his tolerance for altitude is proved by his firmly declared decision to abandon the chase at 20, feet, since he lacked oxygen equipment. He had his altimeter to warn him. More important, he would recognize from experience the first vague blurring, narrowing of vision, and other preliminary symptoms of anoxia.

It would not have come on him with no warning at all. It is the opinion of several engineers and pilots whom True has questioned that an F, a sturdy war-tested fighter, starting a dive from 20, feet would not have disintegrated so thoroughly.

It might slip off and spin, or spiral down, and a few have even landed themselves. I think Mantell did just what he said he would — closed in on the thing. I think he either collided with it, or more likely they knocked him out of the air.

The mere existence of some yet unidentified flying objects necessitates a constant vigilance on the part of Project Saucer personnel, and on the part of the civilian population. Report incidents as soon as possible to the nearest military installation or to Headquarters, Air Materiel Command, direct. In view of the statements to be quoted from this man, who must necessarily be anonymous, it should be said that he is a hard-headed practical engineer of long experience, responsible for the design of aircraft known by name to every literate American.

It might have to be a model because the fuel would be a problem. But the circular airfoil is quite feasible. Check with other engineers. Two official N. Its direction and velocity would be governed by the number of nozzles operating, the power applied, and the angle at which they were tilted — toward the ground, rearward, in a lateral direction, or in various combinations.

A disk flying level, straight ahead, could be turned swiftly to right or left by shifting the angle of the nozzles or cutting off power from part of the group. The aircraft designer quoted above shared the general views of the group which believes the disks are interplanetary. They must have been put there for some reason. It names Wolf as one of the near stars. The one can be viewed as almost a certainty if you accept the thesis that intelligent life is not peculiar to the Earth.

I think it explains the public statements about our own space-exploration plans: the talk about our plans to build an Earth satellite vehicle, a huge space-platform to circle the Earth about five hundred miles out. The public has been told about plans for a five-thousand-mile guided missile, cosmic-ray research, our hopes for atomic-powered aircraft, even a Moon rocket — stuff that not long ago was pure fantasy. I think we are being prepared for what Project Saucer probably already knows: that the Earth is under surveillance by interplanetary travelers.

Personally, I doubt it would. I think Americans could take it. In the light of some of the sighting reports on the record, it is hard to disagree with him.


Donald Keyhoe





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