Mutilar Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Review of rapid eye movement behavior sleep disorders. Conclusions CM-I patients show a higher prevalence of sleep disorders than that observed in the general population. SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. Chiari II Case 3: The grey line at the end of the respiratory event arrow indicates the onset of the cortical microarousal. Estudio piloto en una cohorte de 67 pacientes.

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Objective: to present a case whose symptomatology was compatible with Arnold Chiari malformation type II, which is useful as reference material for neonatologists and neurosurgeons.

Case presentation: male neonate, born by caesarean section due to maternal cephalopelvic disproportion. The mother, resident in the Plurinational State of Bolivia in an area far from the health center, attended only two prenatal consultations. The increase in the cranial circumference and the presence of a protruding lumbar sac through which the meninges were seen and cerebrospinal fluid came out attracted attention.

The area was covered with sterile dressing and physiological saline solution, treatment with second-line antibiotics was started and ultrasound of the transfontanellar skull was carried out.

Conclusions: before a neonate with lumbar defect and cephalic circumference greater than 90th percentile, the specialist must take into account the possible existence of malformations of the central nervous system specifically the neural tube and hydrocephalus as manifestations of the Arnold Chiari type II syndrome.

To confirm the diagnosis, it is useful, because of its innocuousness and immediacy, the transfontanellar skull ultrasound, and the neonate must be evaluated by the specialist in neurosurgery to define the treatment. Hospital General Provincial Docente "Dr. Antonio Luaces Iraola". Profesor Asistente.

Especialista de Primer Grado en Ginecobstetricia. Posteriormente la completaron Hans von Chiari y Julius Arnold Todas las malformaciones de Chiari adquiridas o secundarias pertenecen exclusivamente al tipo I. Tipo IV : implica un desarrollo incompleto de las estructuras del cerebelo, enfermedad conocida como hipoplasia cerebelosa.

No obstante, en ocasiones existe estenosis asociada al acueducto de Silvio. Conflictos de intereses Los autores declaran que no existen conflictos de intereses.

Oct [citado 14 Feb ];32 5 :[aprox. Agenesia sacra asociada a disrrafismo espinal e hidrocefalia. Rev Cubana Pediatr [Internet]. Jun [citado 17 Feb ];85 2 Index Enferm [Internet]. Dic [citado 14 Feb ];23 4 Rev Cubana Neurol Neurocir [Internet].

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MalformaciĆ³n de Chiari tipo I



Arnold Chiari tipo II. Reporte de un caso


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