At the age of 26, after receiving legal training, Robert enlisted in the Honourable Artillery Company and spent three years in the trenches of Flanders during the First World War. During , the year Robert was demobilised, his father Reginald died. Robert became responsible for five young half-siblings as well as the children of his brother. Although he had hoped to practise law, the obligation of raising an extended family forced him into the family trade of tobacco importing. Gladys Richards belonged to an Essex family also originally from London.

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Shelves: dnf Oh, John. Good lord. The author of two of my favorite novels The Magus and The Collector has failed me. I read the first section, which is 45 pages, and 8 pages of the second section, then literally said to myself, What am I doing? This book is terrible. So I stopped. What a turgid, ham-fisted bore this novel is! But this, this was a slog. To which I say, Enough already, I get it! Mildly amusing, mildly erotic, mildly neurotic.

It mostly seems like the work of a dirty old man treading water, mildly undecided between putting sex or love, or some combination of the two, at the sole apex of life, while suspecting those same impulses for trapping him in boring dialogues and marriages. I thought his suggestion to this imaginary woman that she try working as a reviewer was ugly and uncalled for. Fowles had "Mantissa" means essentially an unnecessary verbal addendum. Fowles had unaccountably been in England too long, after several early years believing he was somehow Greek.

Per my, verbally, far more interesting book, "Are the English Human? Happily, the "meta" part of this meta-novel seems largely subdued. Suspicion 1 confirmed: this was the last novel Fowles wrote Suspicion 2 uncomfirmed: he was only middle-aged, not old Suspicion 3 unnecessary: Was he happily?


[PDF] Mantissa Book by John Fowles Free Download (208 pages)



[PDF] The Magus Book by John Fowles Free Download (656 pages)


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