Authored By: Fr. Its claim to authenticity have been rejected by Rome. Such narratives have been produced since the second century A. Some were written by gnostic heretics. Some by New Agers and occultists.

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Asked by our Lord to write down these visions, she lovingly complied, even though at the time and until the end of her life she was completely bedridden due to a spine injury, and was suffering intensely due to a combination of at least two other serious illnesses.

She began writing the visions into notebooks beginning in the year and continued even during the war until Maria had an extraordinary love for God and for souls. People often came to visit her, to be strengthened and encouraged by her kind words and her gentle smile.

Having suffered deeply herself, she understood their pains and sufferings, and was able to guide and encourage them in accepting their daily crosses. Her life may be divided into two stages: Firstly, from her birth to the paralysis of her legs, which disabled her at the age of 37; the secondly from the time of her paralysis, which left her completely bedridden until her death in , 27 years later. Since then, I have re-read certain parts a number of times. I cannot even begin to explain the spiritual impact that this work made upon me.

What an extraordinary grace it was to have read them! Not only does one get to know Jesus in a most intimate way, but also one gets to know and see the personality of each Apostle, along with some of the other disciples. And then, there is our Blessed Mother and St Joseph!

What an extraordinary grace it is to get to know them! And then also Mary Magdelene, Lazarus, Martha and the other women disciples, the shepherds…one can go on and on! But suffice it to say, The Poem of the Man-God is a most extraordinary work.

Of course, it is not intended to supplant or replace the Holy Scriptures, but it does supplement them in a most wonderful way. The crowd that had gathered utters cries of joy and applause for the Messiah. Then they become quiet and open out to let pass a mother, who is carrying in her arms a paralytic child, child, about ten years old. At the foot of the staircase, she holds him out, as if she were offering him to Jesus.

Her boy last year fell from the terrace and broke his back. She trembles all over and trips on her long dress while climbing up the high steps with her son in her arms.

Mary, compassionate, stands up and goes down to meet her. Do not be afraid. My Son loves you. Give Me your child. It will be easier for you to climb up. Come, My daughter. Mary is now before Jesus. For the sake of this mother! Jesus does not. Do you believe that I can do it? The shouts of hosanna seem to be penetrating the sky now all red at sunset. She would like to Even without any word I would have cured him, because She is happy when She can relieve distress and I want to make Her happy.

He is holding a walking stick in his hand, but is not using it at present. He walks better, supported by the two men. Have mercy on me! Stand up. How long have you been blind? The four apostles gather round the other two. Before, when I could see well, I worked. I was a blacksmith at Caesarea on Sea. I was doing well. The harbour, the good trading, they always needed me for one job or another. But while striking a piece of iron to make an anchor, and You can imagine how red hot it was to be pliable, a splinter came off it, and burnt my eye.

My eyes were already sore because of the heat of the forge. I lost the wounded eye, and also the other one became blind after three months.

I have finished all my savings, and now I live on charity I have not even seen the face of one of them And yet she and my wife earn a little bread, and with what they earn and the alms! If I were cured! I would go back to work. All I ask for is to be able to work like a good Israelite and thus feed those I love. Who told you? That You are the health of bodies and of souls.

That You are a light for souls and bodies, because You are the Light of God. He, although a leper, had dared to mingle with the crowd, at the risk of being stoned, all enveloped in his mantle, because he had seen You passing by on the way to the mountain, and Your face had kindled hope in his heart. Then he repeated Your speech to me and he told me that You cured him, touching him with Your hand, without any disgust.

He was coming back from the priest after his purification. I knew him. I had done some work for him when he had a store at Caesarea. I came, asking for You in every town and village. Now I have found You! The man looks like a very docile child, he obeys without asking questions. Your Light to this son of Yours! He remains in that attitude for a moment.

He then moistens the tips of His fingers with saliva and with His right hand He touches lightly the open, but lifeless eyes.

A moment. Then the man blinks, rubs his eyelids as if he were awakening from sleep, and his eyes were dimmed. Eternal God! I think I see Your mantle And a white hand Good Jesus I can see better and better, the more I get used to seeing There is the grass of the earth It must be beautiful to recover your sight and see that face as the first thing!

The man gives a scream and stretches his arms. It is an instinctive action. But he controls himself. But Jesus opens His arms and draws to Himself the man who is much lower than He. Go with My peace. The light I see I see everything! There is the blue lake, the clear sky, the setting sun, and then the horns of the waxing moon But it is in Your eyes that I see the most beautiful and clear blue, and in You I see the beauty of the most real sun, and the pure light of the blessed moon. You are the Star of those who suffer, the Light of the blind, the living, active Mercy!

Be a son of the Light. Every time I close my re-born eyes, I will renew my oath. May You and the Most High be blessed. And the vision ends. Her mother, Iside Fioravanzi, an educated and at times very cruel woman, reacted as though the child was not born to her, and she hired a wet-nurse to care for Maria.

Soon after her birth, they moved to Faenza, and then in September , the family relocated in Milan. There, Maria, a little over four, started attending a kindergarten run by Ursuline Sisters.

There, she wrote: "I met the face of God and His love," Autobiography, p. By the age of seven, in October , Maria had entered the Institute of Marcelline Sisters to begin her elementary education.

The Sacrament of Confirmation was, she said, "my Pentecost" Ibid, p. A few years later, her family moved to Voghera where Maria made her First Communion, at age 10 ,on October 5, On that day, her fusion with Jesus became "perfect" ibid.


Maria Valtorta

Writing[ edit ] Maria Valtorta was bedridden in Viareggio , Italy, for most of her life due to complications from being struck in the back at random while walking on a street. Valtorta was a member of the Third Order Servites of Mary, affiliated to the order to which her spiritual director, Fr. Romuald Migliorini, O. On the morning of Good Friday she reported having a vision in which Jesus appeared and spoke to her.


"Peter’s tomb is not in the Vatican"

We have never had such a worthy display for the consumption of the lamb. So let us consume the supper in the spirit of peace. I see that I have upset you considerably with My instructions of these last evenings. But, see? I have finished! Not everything has been said of what refers to Me, but only the essential part.

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