Kod rektuma, ostala je tumorska masa koja nije mogla biti odstranjena. Ta masa se upalila Enterokoke - veliki broj i pravi mu, sada vec mesecima, veliki problem. Na primer, tokom prosle noci skoro da i nije spavao koliko ga je bolelo. Elem, na taj deo pun gnojanica stavljamo Rastavic, Sveden Biter, Rivanol, Nevenovu kremu a ponekad i sedi u lavoru sa Hipermanganom. Ono sto smo primetili da nakon Sveden Bitera mnogo gnoja izadje. Mozda ga tada i najvise boli, ali Sveden Biter je zaista delotvoran.

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Be confident when buying our Swedish Bitters, here is why: Only the highest quality ingredients used. Our ingredients are free of pesticides. Thousands of satisfied customers. High customer satisfaction rating on Ebay. In connection with the progressive pollution of the European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Awards, since the beginning of , the herbs of the Original Swedish Bitters mix will no longer be individually packed into plastic or polyethylene. Beware of fakes! If you are offered the same mix of the Swedish Bitters with each herb packed individually in polyethylene or plastic — this is a copy or a fake of the original famous Swedish Bitters mix by Stefan Zwerenz.

Can be helpful in the treatment of allergies, skin conditions and some hemorrhoids. There are also reviews, testimonies and recommendations that this specific tinctures of herbs can clean the body of toxins. In addition, the reception of bitterness helps to cope with the symptoms of some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, heaviness in the stomach, bloating, heartburn, constipation, etc. One of the main functions of the Swedish Bitters is to promote secretion of pancreatic and gastric juices and soothe the digestive tract.

Swedish Bitters stimulates liver functions and promotes secretion of bile from the liver that serves to emulsify or break down dietary fat and clear cholesterol out of our body.

The name derives from the Swedish physicians Dr. Claus Klaus Samst. The elixir is said to be the creation of Swiss physician, Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, who practiced in the s. The mixture with the different medicinal herbs was already long known in the family of the Swedish health-care professionals, but forgotten.

The physicians, Dr. Claus Klaus and Dr. It is said that his ancestors lived a long life and have reached a biblical age. Her specialty was herbal medicine and alternative treatment methods for the priest and Hydotherapeut Sebastian Kneipp. If you have stomach-cramps, taking a tablespoon of the Swedish Bitters tincture is very helpful. When having body aches or feeling weak and powerless take a tablespoon of Swedish Bitters tincture.

Use Swedish Bitters tincture to get rid of calluses. Add 1. Swedish Bitters are suitable for consumption for up to 36 months from the date of preparation. If you are intolerant to alcohol, there is possibly less effective but alternative way to prepare Swedish Bitters in a form of an herbal tea. Even though alcohol is the most effective way to make Swedish Bitters, it can also be prepared as an herbal tea. Take about two teaspoons of the dry Swedish Bitters ingredients and place them in a teapot.

Use about 5 cups of boiling water and poor in a teapot with Swedish bitters herbs. Add two tablespoons of the cooled Swedish Bitters tea into a cup of boiled warm water and drink twice per day.

You can also mix the cooled Swedish Bitters tea with a juice using same proportions. Shelf life of the Swedish Bitters tea is about 3 — 5 days, so when making a tea, do not make more then you can consumer in 3 — 5 days. External useS Skin to be treated should first be carefully greased with something like marigold or calendula ointment, so that there will be no irritation or burns to the skin from using Swedish Bitters. After removing the cotton ball, let the skin air dry.

If your skin is very sensitive and gets easily irritated, leave cotton ball on the treated area of the skin for a shorter period of time.

DO NOT forget to apply ointment to the skin. If you are suffering from a sinus infection, apply and rub Swedish Bitters onto your forehead and over the bridge of your nose several times a day.

The essential oils used in the mix will help to kill the bacteria causing the infection; Swedish Bitters mix also helps to thin the mucus clogging the sinuses and promotes drainage of the sinuses.

If you have hemorrhoids, apply diluted Swedish Bitters several times a day to the affected area. If you suffer from tonsillitis, use the Swedish Bitters to fight the tonsils infections. To use Swedish Bitters for blood-purifying or soothing properties, or to treat skin problems, gastric bloating, gall bladder diseases and heartburn — take 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters 30 minutes before and 30 after the meals.

To maintain health digestion, take 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters 30 minutes before each meal, but no more then 3 times per day. Pregnant women should also avoid using Swedish Bitters because it can cause uterine contractions or damage to the fetus. Kids before 12 years of age should also avoid using Swedish Bitters. Swedish Bitters can also have negative effect on any medication that you might be using. Always consult your doctor before using Swedish Bitters. Published by WellbeingHerbs.


Books by Maria Treben

Be confident when buying our Swedish Bitters, here is why: Only the highest quality ingredients used. Our ingredients are free of pesticides. Thousands of satisfied customers. High customer satisfaction rating on Ebay.


Maria Treben – žolelių antpilas, kuris stiprina imunitetą

Paul G. Seeger Maria Treben was a famous Austrian herbalist and author. Based on a lifetime of experience with medicinal herbs, Maria Treben published a number of books - several of them bestselling and translated into many languages - which detail often unique herbal approaches to healing all manner of disease including cancer. Seeger who authored several books on the subject of cancer. Please note: While "herbs" may sound innocent and innocuous - make no mistake, herbs can be powerful medicine and are not to be trifled with.


Prirodni lek za rak i tumor – preporuke Marije Treben

After the Great War , the Sudetenland became part of the newly founded Czechoslovakia. For several years they lived in refugee camps until they found refuge in Austria and settled down in Grieskirchen in She died in Treben addressed seminars and presented at natural health conferences in Germany, Austria and across Europe, attracting hundreds of people. She is perceived as a pioneer of the renewed interest for natural remedies and traditional medicine at the end of the 20th century. Remedies[ edit ] Treben used traditional German and Eastern European remedies handed down from previous generations.

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