It is Mezhathol Brahmadattan Namboodiripad who came to be famous by the name Agnihothri. Knowing this, Agnihothri one day asked his wife to watch every one of them by making her touch body of each one of them. Uliyannoor Perunthachan The Master Carpenter He was the third member of the Panthirukulam and was born and brought up near Thrithala itself. Difference of opinion with the rulers of the period made him shift to Uliyannoor later. He had a son who expelled Perunthachan. There occurred many instances which could prove the excellence of his son.

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Vararuci of Kerala legends[ edit ] There are several versions of these legends. This seven volume work is a systematic and detailed account of more than castes and tribes in the erstwhile Madras Presidency and the states of Travancore and Cochin.

It was originally published in The Vararuci legend is given in Volume 1 pp. Thurston has recorded that the discussion is based on a note prepared by L. Anantha Krishna Aiyar. A slight variant of the legend can be seen in Aithihyamala by Kottarathil Sankunny — This work originally written in Malayalam and published as a series of pamphlets during the years — is a definitive source of myths and legends of Kerala.

An English language translation of the work has recently been published under the title Lore and Legends of Kerala. This he tried to prevent by arranging, with the help of the king, to have the girl enclosed in a box and floated down a river with a nail stuck into her head.

Finding a beautiful and charming little girl inside the box and accepting it as a divine gift he adopted her as his own daughter and helped her groom up accordingly. The host was puzzled. But his adopted daughter was unfazed. Days passed. One day while conversing with his wife about their past lives he accidentally saw a nail stuck in her head and he immediately knew her to be the girl whom he caused to be floated down a river. At the end of these pilgrimages they reached Kerala and while in Kerala the woman bore him twelve children.

All these children, except one, were abandoned on the wayside and were picked up members of different castes and were brought up according to the customs and traditions of those castes. There are several legends about these children of Vararuci. They did as directed and returned with news of the miracle. According to the legend, the same lotus flower instantly appeared in his hand. Since Vararuci could not give an immediate answer, the King granted him 40 days to find out the same and to report back to the king.

If he were unable to find the correct answer, he would be required to leave the court. Vararuci left the court in search of an answer and during his wanderings, on the last night of the stipulated period, Vararuci happened to rest under a tree.

Vararuci most pleased with his discovery returned to the court and told the king the surprising answer. The king was very pleased and vararuci prevailed upon Vikramiditya to destroy all pariah infant girls recently born in a certain locality. The girl was not killed instead was floated down a river with a nail stuck through the heads.

The rest of the legend is as described in the first version of the legend. Vararuci of Kathasaritsagara[ edit ] Kathasaritsagara "ocean of the streams of stories" is a famous 11th century collection of Indian legends , fairy tales and folk tales as retold by a Saivite Brahmin named Somadeva. The work was compiled for the entertainment of the queen Suryamati, wife of king Anantadeva of Kashmir r.

It consists of 18 books of chapters and more than 21, verses in addition to prose sections. The following is a very brief account of some of the main events in the life of Vararuchi as told in this classic. It emphasises the divine ancestry and magical powers of Vararuchi. After much persuasions Shiva agreed and narrated the story of Vidyadharas. To ensure that nobody else would hear the story, Parvati had ordered that nobody be allowed to enter the place where they were and Nandi The Vehicle of Lord Shiva kept guard at the door.

Having denied entry and overcame by curiosity, Pushpadanta summoned his special powers to move about unseen and entered the chamber of Shiva and eavesdropped the entire story as told by Shiva. Pushpadanta then narrated the entire story to his wife Jaya and Jaya retold the same to Parvati! Parvati became enraged and told Shiva: "Thou didst tell me any extraordinary tale, for Jaya knows it also. Having heard this, Parvati became exceedingly enraged and cursed Pushpadanta to be mortal.

When thou shalt see him, and calling to mind thy origin, tell him this tale; then thou shalt be released from this curse. At the time of his birth there was a heavenly pronouncement that he would be known as Varauchi because of his interest ruchi in the best vara things. It was also pronounced that he would be a world-renowned authority on grammar. Vararuchi was divinely blessed with a special gift: who could get anything by heart by hearing only once.

There he, desirous of putting off his mortal condition, resorted for meditation with intense devotion to that goddess and she, manifesting her real form to him, told him the secret of that meditation which arises from fire, to help him to put off the body. Then Vararuchi, having consumed his body by that form of meditation, reached his own heavenly home. Vararuci in Pancatantra[ edit ] The characters in one of the several stories in Pancatantra are King Nanda and Vararuci.

Once upon a time, there was a much respected popular king called Nanda. He had a minister called Vararuchi. He was a very learned man well versed in philosophy and statecraft. Extremely fond of his wife, the minister tried every possible tactics he could think of to please her. Every method failed. Finally he pleaded with her: "Tell me what can I do to make you happy. Nanda tried every trick he knew of to win her affection. King also failed in his efforts. Then the King fell on her feet and prayed: "My darling, I cannot live without you even for a while.

Tell me what should I do to win back your love? While racing you must neigh like a horse. Is this acceptable to you? Next day, the king saw Vararuchi with a shaven head and asked him, "Vararuchi, why have you shaved your head all of a sudden? He would do anything, shave his head or neigh like a horse.

You tried to kill me but your chatter gave away your plans. Their presence to the hunter. The crane eludes the hunter By keeping his beak tightly shut.


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