You can watch the tutorials, download Solid Edge example files and PDF goal sheets with all the course detail. This session covers enhancements to the start up screen, templates and template management, and file dialogues. New functionality includes Unit Systems, a new way of assigning units, and the Quick View Cube, a quick and easy way to manipulate the view of your 3D model. You will also learn about changes to rendering within Solid Edge with the introduction of KeyShot, and publishing to the web with Web Publish. To access the complete tutorial please click View This Video. This first session covers enhancements to the Material Properties and Tables providing a more intuitive and visual interface for storing and applying material specifications.

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The trial includes part modeling, assembly design, drafting, and simulation. It incorporates online training videos as well as valuable how-to tips and tricks. Design a Part with Synchronous Technology Design a Part with Synchronous Technology Solid Edge with synchronous technology enables designers to accelerate model creation and make faster edits, eliminating model regeneration, reducing rework, improving product features and streamlining design processes.

In this video, learn how to model a part using Solid Edge with synchronous technology. In this example, learn how to import 3D supplier data from various sources and make edits where needed.

Top-down assembly modeling is an assembly-centric method, which starts at the highest level possible and individual parts and sub-assemblies are defined within the context of the overall assembly. Create a Detailed Drawing Create a Detailed Drawing Designing in 3D saves time, facilitates better product visualization and gives the freedom to clearly communicate your designs.

But at the end of day you still need to convey the design idea to the shop floor. Design a Sheet Metal Part Design a Sheet Metal Part A core design capability of Solid Edge is the Sheet Metal environment which provides an entire design-through-fabrication workflow, using streamlined synchronous modeling methods tailored to the unique needs of sheet metal design. In this video, learn how to create a sheet metal part using Solid Edge with synchronous technology.

And because of that, the cost of the product comes down. The weight of the product comes down. The performance goes up. The warranty is a lot longer.

Quality loves it. We love it. The profit margin loves it. See More Videos Solid Edge Product Development Portfolio Solid Edge not only offers rich design solutions, but scalable solutions for simulation, manufacturing and data management as well. Capabilities A complete set of solutions Solid Edge provides users with a full portfolio of solutions to meet a wide range of business needs. Solid Edge not only offers rich design solutions, but scalable solutions for simulation, manufacturing and data management as well.

Or use Solid Edge to further refine the shape for more traditional manufacturing. Electrical Design Overcome electrical design challenges early in the design cycle. Solid Edge electrical design software was developed to satisfy the requirements of companies where ease of use and value are as important as functionality.

Simulation By starting simulation early in design, changes are made when they are easiest, time-to-manufacture is shortened, and cost-to-manufacture can be reduced. Data Management Take advantage of scalable data management solutions, from capabilities built into Solid Edge to the full PLM capabilities of Teamcenter.

Manufacturing Manufacture production or prototype parts using traditional CNC machining or new 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities.

Technical Publications Quickly create 3D technical publications that clearly communicate the most efficient manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes for your products. Portal Experience free online CAD management, viewing, and collaboration with the Solid Edge Portal, including browser-based access for viewing and markup and secure, controlled sharing.


Solid Edge



Tutorial - TopDown Design on SolidEdge ST3



Part Modelling - Part One - ST3 Update


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