Hi Emily Thank you for your beautiful email. I completely understand why some fans get overeagerand especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that you will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnieand his feelings are definitely not platonic. I completely understand why some fans get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that you will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie—and his feelings are definitely not platonic.

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Phantom is the eighth book in The Vampire Diaries novel series and the first book in The Hunters trilogy. It was released October 25, A regular on national bestseller lists, having sold well over three million copies, The Vampire Diaries series is a classic of thrilling paranormal romance. The Vampire Diaries series has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers—and the CW network TV show that it inspired has introduced millions more to the chills, thrills, and heart-stopping romance.

Phantom begins a new trilogy in this breathtaking saga of love among vampires. Since meeting the irresistible vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert has been to hell and back. Now that she and her friends have saved their hometown from a demonic spirit, everything can finally go back to normal. In Phantom, a dangerous new threat sets its sights on Elena.

And this time she can only count on one Salvatore brother to protect her. The story continues in The Hunters: Moonsong. Elena is reunited with her family, which has hired Caleb Smallwood to work on their yard. The blood pouring out of it spells "Celia" on her arm. At the train station, Celia is almost killed when her scarf gets caught in the train door, but Stefan saves her by ripping the scarf.

The shreds spell "Meredith. Up to this point, Damon has appeared to Elena in dreams. Elena goes to the cemetery to visit her parents and sees Caleb, who has also lost his parents. Stefan shows up and throws Caleb against a tombstone out of jealousy that he might like Elena. He says that he discovered evidence that Caleb is evil. Later, Bonnie knocks down Mrs.

She tries to do a spell to contact Damon, but ends up in a coma after being overcome by darkness. When Elena tells Damon, he investigates by letting the darkness take him. His consciousness ends up on the Dark Moon. Stefan and Elena conclude that the Guardians just changed these, but Caleb can see some of them for what they really are because he is supernatural.

He is descended from werewolves and possesses some witchcraft abilities. Stefan and Elena go shopping, but Elena sees people from high school and becomes jealous that they have normal lives. Caleb says that he deduced that the group of friends was behind his contradicting memories and gave Elena the rose, hoping to get closer to her so that he could find out where Tyler went.

At the boarding house, Mrs. Flowers says she believes that a phantom that is feeding off of jealousy may be the culprit. They perform a spell to summon the phantom. Meanwhile, Elena meets Bonnie in the land of the flowers that can hold special spells. Matt also arrives, and Elena tells them to look for the way out, which they find. They see Sage in the nexus room and run to the Dark Moon, where Damon is battling a misty blue figure.

They all start fighting it, and suddenly they end up in the garage of the boarding house. Damon says that the creature is one of the original phantoms, which is much more powerful than an ordinary phantom. The phantom tells everyone why they should be jealous of others, pitting Stefan and Damon against each other in a brutal fight.

As the rest of the group admits their jealousies and casts them away, weakening the phantom, Elena makes the brothers reconcile. Damon gives Elena his blood to heal her burns as the fire department arrives to put out the fire. Everyone then looks forward to the future. Trivia After L. More information is on L. The book says Mrs. The girl on the cover is a representation of Meredith. The girl on the cover is Bojana Desnica, a Serbian model. When I watched other people and was jealous of them, I fed the phantom of jealousy.

I cast that jealousy away. Damon and Stefan loved her first, and she knew them before so much happened to change them, to. I have fed the phantom of jealousy because of Katherine, and I cast that jealousy away. I was used to being the only human Damon cared about, the only one who he would want to save. I am so, so glad that Bonnie is alive. But I was jealous that Damon cared enough to die for her. When I was jealous of Bonnie, I fed the phantom of jealousy.

But now I cast my jealousy away. I was jealous of Caleb, who seemed like the kind of golden boy who would be a good match for Elena, so much so that I distrusted him even before I had reason to, because I thought he was after her. And especially, I was jealous of Damon. The phantom was telling the truth when she said that. When we were alive, he was older, faster, stronger, more sophisticated than I was.

When we died The thing is, though, I love my brother. I love you. I always have, even when we were at our worst. Even when all we wanted to do was kill each other. I have fed the phantom of jealousy, but now I cast my jealousy away. I have been jealous I have coveted that which my brother has, over and over again. Suffice it to say there are things I. Things that I would like to be different in the future.

And so I admit that I have fed the phantom of jealousy. And now I cast jealousy out. I always But I love Elena and Meredith.

I know I need to stop comparing myself to them. I have fed the phantom of jealousy. I cast my jealousy out! But I cast that out! Celia Connor. Celia shares so much with him—experiences, education, interests—and I knew he liked her a lot. I was jealous because I was afraid she would take him from me. I cast— I have fed the phantom of jealousy I guess.

All along. She loves him, not me. Of you, Meredith. And of your friends Here I am, a graduate student in parapsychology. And her friends are vampires and witches and psychics and girls who come back from the dead to fight evil. But I cast it out!


The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Series

Publishing history[ edit ] The Vampire Diaries. The Return: Midnight The series was originally published in and it revolves around Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert as the two main protagonists. After taking a long hiatus from writing, Smith published the first installment of "The Return" trilogy, Nightfall, on February 10, Shadow Souls, the second book of "The Return" trilogy, was released on March 16, The third and final book of "The Return" trilogy, Midnight, was released on March 15,


The Hunters: Phantom


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