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The firsts in Turkish literature is an issue that is tried to be learned by many people. With our application you will benefit from different options and you will be able to learn this information permanently.

This is the first free and ad-free application prepared in the modern sense in our literature! You can follow your learning situation in the Success Percentage List section. You can improve your success rate by finding the information given to you in the matching section correctly. Pairing and Correct Even though the wrong sections are designed as a kind of quiz, you should be careful to find the answers. You can think of these parts as a different learning method, not as a test.

Try to find out which answer is the correct answer according to the information given to you. When you tap Answer Answer, you will be able to see the answer. If you have no knowledge about the firsts in our literature, you can get all the information from the Success Percentage List section. You can read this section from time to time. You can make the information permanent by using the other sections in our application. In addition to the firsts of Turkish literature, examples of firsts in world literature were included in our practice.

In our Info Cards section, you can follow the information in our application with a beautiful background picture. If you wish, you can share the information here with your friends who are preparing for various exams or who are interested in such subjects, whether they are illustrated or just text.

If you want, you can use the Info Cards section as a picture message or just share it as text. Question Answer In the Pairing section, you are asked to correctly match the 3 questions given above with the following 3 answers.

The correct answer to the above statement, which is stylish, is to hold the corresponding letter in the section below with the tip of your finger and drop it into the small box above.

You can control the pairing with both stylish and spontaneous lines. We have combined the different matching question logic used in schools. In the Test Multiple Choice section, try to answer 10 randomly asked questions each time. Questions and chances change every time you enter this section. When the same questions are asked, the answers in other modes and the correct answer to the problem vary. In this way, you can provide learning without going to heart. Explanation: Questions and tricks come randomly in the test section, so you may find discouraging options for the question asked in the chapters.

Information in all sections except the list section is shown randomly. In this way, you will not experience a monotonous situation like the rote sequence and you will have to think a little bit each time.

We would be happy to receive your comments and suggestions. If you have any information that you think should be available in the new version, please let us know via our e-mail address. We wish success to all our friends who are preparing for exams. Read more.


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