McIntyre and the two systems, from the same birthplace, became available in the market. Air-cooled and high performance stands these machines apart from the competition, optimising induction technology and magneto-hydrodynamics to provide significant productivity increases whilst reducing both fuel consumption and dross generation. Able to be installed on the side, bottom, or back of almost any furnace shape or size, and with the lowest electrical consumption 15 — 35 kWh these machines have been labelled the Best Available Technology BAT in the industry. Salt slag differs from aluminium dross due to it having a lower aluminium content and a higher temperature when taken out of the furnace. Tardis Press Upgrades ALTEK acquired the TARDIS business in July , and both the ALTEK and former TARDIS technical teams have been working hard on integrating the two technologies to provide their customers with the very latest dross press technology, incorporating the best features from both systems coupled with the experience gained from over installations all over the world on all types of furnaces, alloys, dross types etc. Typical cycle times will be three hours or less.

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Altek Calibrator discontinued? Replace with a PIE Calibrator. Altek calibrator — no longer in production Meet the new kid on the block — PIE Calibrators are the evolutionary update to the classic Altek Calibrator line of the last century. The new kid has the same parents the same design team as the Altek calibrators. PIE Calibrators are shorter, thinner and lighter with rugged switches and rubber boots. Plus many models have advanced troubleshooting features not found on Altek or ANY other brand of calibrators.

One of them had been with RiS since the early s while the other was one of the founders of Transmation in Both of them were engineers with a strong background in analog electronics with decades of experience in process control equipment. Altek was privately owned until when it was sold to Transmation Inc and merged with the manufacturing part of the corporation to become Transmation Products Group TPG. The pocket sized replacement for the was the Altek Model which came out in It was designed in with a a full 4 digit display to The Altek Model A replaced the Model in with a surface mount design.

The high accuracy Altek Model was released in and was the first handheld calibrator to include a Ohm resistor for HART compatibility. The Altek was a voltage calibrator released in with ranges for millivolts, 1 to 5 volts and up to 20 volts dc. The Model had a dual display that would simultaneously source and read milliamps and voltage.


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Altek Calibrator discontinued? Replace with a PIE Calibrator.


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